Beautiful beach day

Today was a great day. I got up earlier than normal for a Sunday morning to go to church by myself. Sometimes church alone is nice because I tend to focus more when I’m alone. I’m glad I put the effort in to going.

After mass I quickly drove to my friend Jordan’s house. We picked up a few other friends and drove to the beach!

ImageThis is the kind of day that makes me want to find a “yoga on the beach” session. Can you imagine anything more beautiful than doing yoga early in the morning, surrounded by nature, and the waves hitting the sand? I have to get on that.

It was such a beautiful day spent with my friends.  Since we graduated it’s been tough to get everyone together so finding four of us that were free this afternoon was such a blessing.



Even though it was in the 70s and sunny, it was sooooo windy! It was so nice to lie in the sand, but eventually the wind was too much so we brushed off as much sand as we possibly could and decided to grab something to eat.

Our hunger brought us to Homer’s a cute burger place in Wilmette.

ImageThis place had everything! Ice cream, waffle fries, burgers, hot dogs, and chicken…all the good things in life 🙂

I decided on a grilled chicken panini with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and dijon sauce.  It was gooood.


Clearly I didn’t enjoy it at all.

ImagePet peeve: when places only have ketchup “pouches”. Give me a break that’s so much work for a girl who eats one cup of the stuff in a sitting. Rude.


Driving the sunny streets of Wilmette. I love that area because the towns all run along Lake Michigan and the homes are absolutely gorgeous.  Each one is so unique. It’s fun just to drive along the streets and take it all in.

After I got home, I snacked on some more guacamole for pre-workout fuel and headed to the gym. It was a strength kinda day! 

35 minutes on the stairmaster + an upper body workout (less sets this time but heavier weights–it was a tough one)

Building those muscles, baby!Image


Question: what’s your favorite “summer” food?

I hope you had a great Sunday!




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