Change of Plans Saturday

So sadly the weather didn’t cooperate with my family’s plan to go to the beach this weekend.  Kind of a bummer but hey you can’t dwell on what you have no control over. Michigan will have to happen sometime in August.

Before we decided to cancel our trip I had planned to go to an early morning spin class to get my workout in before we hit the road. This is the face of an exercise addict at 7am.


I love love love love loveeee spin. It feels like just as challenging a workout as running but it’s such a break on my knees.  Plus I love the music. The class I go to is nonstop music, no specified breaks or anything. You simply get water or rest when you need to. It makes for a fast-paced and energetic hour!

I came home and ate a simple cereal breakfast. Check out my sweet cereal bowl–it keeps the cereal and the milk separated so that if I get distracted or get up for another cup of coffee (which often happens) my cereal doesn’t get soggy. Ain’t nobody got time for soggy cereal.


Bear naked cereal with cinnamon, strawberries, and almond milk. Coffee on the side.

I spent the afternoon doing intervals of house cleaning, Scrabble, and naps, so I made a beautiful decision and ate guacamole for lunch. My Mom’s recipe is loaded with onion and tomato so it felt like a well-rounded meal 🙂


I also made a quick trip to GNC.  That place ROBS ME BLIND every time I walk in, but I love it.  The same two guys work there and I swear they see me coming every time. They convinced me to buy a more expensive whey protein powder which I’ll review in a later post. It was delicious with just water, which is what really convinced me.  Sometimes I just want to mix it with water and not milk, and the GNC brand of chocolate protein powder was amazing.  More to come on that later.

Tonight was a great night–it was family night!

Since we couldn’t go to Michigan, my parents and I decided to still spend time together so we agreed on a movie and dinner. I knew I’d be hungry at the theater so being the weirdo that I am I packed a small sweet potato with cinnamon and truvia.


We went and saw White House Down. DC and Channing Tatum–yes please.


After dinner we went to Big Bowl, one of the best places to get Asian food. They have everything–Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai…it’s just so good.

I started out with a pomegranate mojito


Then sampled a few appetizers with my parents.  Cold peanut noodles, vegetable potstickers, and chicken satay.



As soon as our table was ready, I was already pretty full from the appetizers! Of course I had room to try two different things, both new to me at Big Bowl.

First, a bowl of Pho! I’ve always wanted to try this Vietnamese soup and it did not disappoint.


It was SO spicy, just how I like it 🙂

For my main entree I decided to try the chicken lettuce wraps. I only wish I were hungrier to eat more than a few but I was so full from everything else! The lettuce wraps are a new favorite dish at Big Bowl. The presentation alone was gorgeous!


I left with a full belly and happy that I got to spend some quality time with my parents. It was a great, relaxing day, just like every Saturday should be!


What is your favorite type of Asian cuisine? Chinese? Japanese? Thai?

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