Another Day in the Books

Phew today was a busy one!

I woke up after having one of those nights where you toss and turn all night (I’ll never learn–don’t eat chocolate chips right before bed). Needless to say, I bee-lined for the coffee.


Yes that’s a Michigan mug, and no I didn’t go there. Things happen for a reason and I’m the proudest of Illini, but I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the Wolverines.

I wasn’t too hungry for breakfast this morning so I left some of that cereal in the bowl.  Today’s pick was Kashi Go Lean smothered in blueberries (previously frozen) with almond milk.  There was a time a few years ago when I ate this breakfast every morning for the entire summer, but ever since I started putting an emphasis on whole foods in my diet I try to eat eggs or oatmeal as much as possible.  Sometimes I need to change it up and this is always a delicious meal.

I drove to the gym later in the morning where I sweat my booty off.  Wearing a light gray t-shirt is always a good choice because then the world can see your sweat and you can feel like a total show-off.  I was loving it.  First I completed 30 minutes on the stairmaster.

ImageMy legs were really feeling the burn today.

I headed over to the weights where I completed the following upper body workout:

12 reps each, 3x through

  • Basic curl with 10 lb weights
  • Hammer curl with 10 lb weights
  • C-curl with 10 lb weights
  • Overhead tricep extension with a 15 lb weight
  • Front shoulder raises with 5 lb weights (so much tougher than they look)


I finished the workout with “8 minute abs”, the amazing YouTube video from the 1980s. I always pick this ab workout because a) it’s short, b) the outfits, and c) you get encouragement from the instructor like “okay, gang!” “get it, gang!” “hang in there, gang” repeatedly. It’s a hoot.

After the gym I headed to the grocery store.  Anyone who knows me understands that grocery shopping is my favorite hobby.  I love holding the list in my hand, browsing through the produce, checking different fruits and vegetables for ripeness, discovering new foods that I’ve never heard of…the whole process is so much fun for me. I realize that most people feel the complete opposite about grocery shopping, and to those people I say, “hire me to do your shopping for you.”

Half an hour into shopping I realized that I needed some protein to rebuild the muscles that I had broken down while at the gym.  I grabbed the closest thing I could find, Muscle Milk Light.  I won’t be getting it again (no milk in the product? ingredient list a mile long? funky taste? count me out) but it got the job done.  Plus it had some funny stuff written on the back.


ImageI ran home and unpacked the groceries before testing out a new recipe (not-so- successfully but it’s getting there).  See? Look how beautiful groceries are!


It’s like art.

I put together another quick fajita lunch before I had to go to work.



It was a busy day waitressing but how could I complain? I got to talk to people, be around food, and watch sports on TV at the bar. It was a great night!   GO HEAT!! Now I’m settled in bed after eating some Morningstar Chikn nuggets, chips and salsa, and plain greek yogurt with grapes. That shift wiped me out! Hopefully I can fall asleep with this full stomach.

Get excited for Hump Day tomorrow!

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