Never run at 1pm in June

Today was pretty productive…I used the “Monday Mentality” to start some things that I needed to get done.  Spruced up my resume, drafted a few cover letters, and am in the process of applying for a few jobs.  Keeping my fingers crossed on that one!

The morning started like it always does–with coffee.  No picture because, really, how exciting is a mug on the counter?

I made a breakfast that I’ve become obsessed with since moving back home.  Eggs and toast never get old (but you have to combine the salty eggs and the sweet toast into a sandwich-like wonder…yum)

imageIt took a lot longer than usual for my stomach to settle so that’s when I hung around the kitchen (typical) and did some work on my job-searching.  Around 1pm I popped a medjool  date in my mouth and was out the door.


Not a bad view for the run! I love running around my small town because it’s so beautiful.  Unfortunately, the scenery didn’t make up for the fact that it was 90 degrees and humid.  I ran a sweaty 5 miles (thanks, Dad, for the water bottle) and walking into my air-conditioned house has never felt so good.

imageEven when you pray to God for the sweet relief of death during a hot run, those endorphins always getcha in the end!

After icing and stretching while watching Friends, I ate a quick lunch (unpictured greek yogurt with pineapple and two veggie fajitas with avocado and salsa).  Afterwards I ran out and took advantage of LA Tan’s $10 spray tan deal.  I have successfully progressed from transparent to ghost-like, and I couldn’t be happier (even though I almost had a Ross-in-the-booth-moment.  Too much Friends).

Taking advantage of my night off from waitressing, I made a delicious dinner.  I cooked up some shrimp in butter and oil and added some halved cherry tomatoes, spinach, fresh garlic, and panko breadcrumbs. I served it over whole wheat pasta and it. was. heavenly.

imageReal food is healthy food!


Now I’m sitting on the couch with my parents watching the Hawks game and eating chocolate chips–the good life! I hope everyone had a beautiful Monday!


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