What if nothing were stopping you?

First thing’s first…is that title grammatically correct? It’s bugging me…

I’m not sure if any of you follow Lululemon on Instagram but recently they started a campaign called #ifnothing, the theme being “If nothing were stopping me I would…”. Some of the funny ones that people have already shared are pretty great:



It’s an interesting concept, really. What is it that holds us back in life? For me, I’m not married, I don’t have any kids. I have two jobs that I depend on for money and pay back my student loans, but if I really saved I’m sure I could make time for whatever it is that I want. Okay well not everything, but things that would make me happy.  So what would do if nothing was holding me back?

Travel once a month


If time, money, and culture permitted it, I think the world would be a lot happier if we could take vacations once a month. I’m not a lazy bum who just wants to lay on a beach, escaping from the “stress” of my life. What I’m saying is I want my life to be full of adventure, exploration and travel. First on my list? The Taj Mahal. It’s not the most traditional travel destination but I get goosebumps when I imagine visiting somewhere with a culture that is so drastically different from my own.


Get a tattoo 

The only thing holding me back from this is the permanency. I’ve never done anything that permanent before so the thought of having something with me for the rest of my life is pretty daunting. But the “yolo” part of me deep down inside is just screaming “Go For It! Why Not?” So we’ll see. I’d probably get a small tattoo of the earth on my wrist.


Buy a dog

Okay I have a valid excuse for this one. I’m suuuuper allergic to dogs! But honestly if I wasn’t so bad about putting it off I could be getting allergy shots so that within a few years I’d be fine owning a dog. I just want a pup to be active with! I’m always really jealous of people who have a dog to run with, play with, I only wish pugs were more active because mannnnnn do I want one.


Run every race and go to every concert that comes to my city

Okay these go hand and hand because there is only one thing holding me back from them: MONEY. There are fun-themed 5ks and 8ks every weekend in Chicago, but they’re so gosh darn expensive! Also, you have to commit to them weeks in advance. Is it that much to ask that I wake up on a Saturday, see that there’s a 5k around my neighborhood, go to the site, pay, and run? In the perfect world….


The same goes for concerts. Why are there all these fees? I just bought a concert ticket for $21 that, after fees, ended up being $39. What’s up with that? Convenience fee, facility fee, processing fee, oh my. I wish I could just walk up to the door the day of the concert, hand them $20 and listen to great music for an hour or two.

It seems like MONEY is what is holding me back. Sad, but true.

So what’s holding you back? #ifnothing