weekend happenings: oscar edition

wooooo happy monday, everyone!

It’s -12 here in Chicago (I know I know, I’ll stop talking about the weather once it stops being so freakishly unbelievable)

Did you watch the Oscars last night? I did and I had so much fun!! I don’t even watch, usually, but for some reason this year a small group of friends and I decided to get together and make it a big deal. So a big deal it was — full of funfetti cookies, m&ms, popcorn and Stella. Speaking of that, did you know you can use funfetti cupcake mix to make cookies?! My mind was blown.


The rest of the weekend was full of delicious eats (as most weekends are). I was happy to finally have the chance to take Zain to one of my all-time favorite little sandwich shops after we spent some time getting work done on his car on Saturday. The only thing I love more than a delicious sandwich shop is a cute, quaint, historically-themed sandwich shop in a picturesque downtown suburbs setting. Just adorable. Enter, Bluffington’s, named after a British man who met his demise when a cricket ball flew thru his windshield. I mean, not the way I’d like to go but it certainly makes for a good story! They have the best tuna melt in town and it’s always a treat when I can make the drive to get one.


For as I love the city, there’s something special about being in the suburbs. Everyone’s just so friendly. At Bluffington’s it was the owner’s birthday so he had a giant birthday cake sitting there for all the customers to share. Loyal customers kept coming in and wishing him and happy birthday, stepping behind the counter to give him a hug. It was really precious and I love witnessing little moments like that between people.

You know you’ve been dating for over 3 years when walking through a candle store is a hilarious and cute date idea.


Good lord there are some weirdddd smells out there now. Do you know anyone who wants to smell popcorn in there house WHEN NO ACTUAL CONSUMABLE POPCORN IS TO BE FOUND? Idk that just seems like torture to me.


Weirdly enough, though, they captured the “Football” scent very well.

I had to work both Friday and Saturday nights so nothing fun or exciting there. Sadly I’m just not a night owl – I accepted that a long time ago and would much rather fill my days with fun activities than stay up late getting into mischief, you know? 😉

Sunday played out like it usually does: church with my family followed by a mammoth breakfast and workout:

ImageImageThis workout murdered me! When did burpees get SO hard? I mean they’ve always been hard but DAMN.

Oh and side note I cried when Jared Leto won Best Supporting Actor, so there’s that.

ImageAn incredible actor, musician, humanitarian, and soul. I love him and am so happy he got the recognition he deserves as an artist.


Ok now it’s your turn — tell me the best part about your weekend! Did you watch the Oscars? Who was your favorite?