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2014 Resolutions

I realize that 100+ blogs have been posting about their resolutions and going on tangents about whether or not they agree with them, so I guess I’ll just be #101.

I always make a resolution. I don’t take them incredibly seriously, but I always make one. I remember one specific resolution involved my best friend Kaitlin and I swearing off sugar when we were 15.  In a quite impressive feat we made it until the first weekend in February when we practically dove headfirst into a piece of Mrs. Field’s cookie cake in the mall food court.

I’m not saying January 1st means you have to make a dramatic life change or that you can’t make an equally important change on August 13th, but there’s something refreshing about the whole world viewing one day as a “new start.” I find it motivating.

So here are just a few resolutions that have been floating around in my head. I’m not sure which ones will stick, but it doesn’t hurt to take a look at your life and reflect on what you want to modify.

Resolution #1: gossip less


I’m not saying that I do nothing but trash talk, but I have noticed that I do talk about people a lot. That includes things both good and bad, but sometimes I tend to make judgments about other people and their life choices. Catching up with old friends always brings about discussions of other people and what they’re up to, and I just have to remember that everyone is on their own life path and I don’t really know what their goals or situations are. I just want to be more aware of what I say and why I feel the need to talk about other people. It’s definitely something to work on. (Also, I feel very vulnerable writing this because this confession doesn’t make me sound like the best person. Vulnerability is good, though, and I’m willing to feel that way if it means I grow!).

Resolution #2: eat more meat

I’m not sure if you all have noticed, but I lovvvvve me some food. I eat copious amounts of fish, but other than that I’ve pretty much rid my life of meat. I used to be a chicken fiend but I think I got in my own head about that, and consequently I’ve stopped. Now that I’m spending more time in the city I’m realizing how much I’m missing. I’ll NEVER be able to cut into a juicy steak or eat a burger, but I should definitely be able to try new things like Italian sausage in a pasta dish or bacon on brussel sprouts. There are way too many beautiful culinary creations that use meat and their flavors, and I don’t want to miss out on them. First things first: get some chicken back into my life!

ImageImageImageMaybe my meat-loving ways disappeared when I got rid of my bangs? 😉

Resolution #3: take better care of my body

From July on, I was working out 5-6 days a week with a lot of intensity. I especially took it up a notch when I started doing Crossfit-inspired workouts. While I LOVED that intensity, here I am, the beginning of January, and I’m faced with some pretty debilitating back pain. I’m restricted in my workouts, something that drives me up a wall. While I love spin classes and the stairmaster, I really miss tabata workouts and running. However, once I’ve nursed myself back to total health, I really need to remember to take better care of myself. No more Crossfit workouts 4 days in a row. Throw in some yoga at least once a week. Do core work to avoid future injuries. FOAM ROLL for the love of god (I’ll never learn).  And most importantly, remember that silly things like trampoline-jumping are an important part of fitness as well. It’s not all about hours logged at the gym. Hopefully 2014 will be a year full of balanced workouts. I think my body will thank me.


I think these three resolutions are very doable for me, so I’m excited for the year ahead!


  • Do you believe in “New Year’s Resolutions”?
  • What are your resolutions this year?