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when “health tips” make you scratch your head

I love health and fitness magazines. I know that everything is online now and innumerable healthy living tips are just a Pinterest board away, but there’s something really fun about grabbing an issue of Shape or Self and flipping through the pages.

However….I think it’s important to remember a few things about these magazines.

  • Take the healthy eating information they give with a grain of salt. Everyone’s different.
  • Can there really be “breakthrough” “revolutionary” “no-fail” healthy eating tips every single issue?

Now, I love the workout ideas and oftentimes I walk away with a new tidbit of information that I personally find helpful. But sometimes I read something that makes me scratch my head.

For example, this Shape article I recently read:

“How Food Texture Affects Your Calorie Intake”


They explain that according to new research published in the Journal of Consumer Research, people perceive foods that are either hard or have a rough texture to have fewer calories. In other words, you consume more calories. I was blown away by this “fact”! This is a perfect example of a tip that I quickly breezed by.

Since I started eating healthy and exercising regularly, I’ve developed little habits that help me keep my portions and food choices in balance. One of the most helpful habits I’ve used for years is changing up the texture of my food to make it more satisfying. I add nuts to my oatmeal, my peanut butter has to be crunchy, I add raw vegetables to my salad, and chia seeds to my smoothies. It has to be one of the top tips I would tell people if they’re trying to lose weight. So how does that align with this new “research”? I suppose I don’t know which I would eat more of, hard or soft bite-sized brownies, like they did in the study, but I have to disagree that food texture negatively influences my healthy eating habits.


  • What’s some health and fitness research you’ve come across that you don’t agree with?
  • What do you think is a universal tip for healthy living?
  • Are you still a magazine person or do you get all your tips online?