The Big 2-0 + Taco Fest 2.0

What the heck is up you guys?

Don’t mind me, I’m just riding the high from running a casual 20 MILER yesterday!

I know this kind of mileage is chump change to many marathoners but man…never in a million years did I think I would run three and a half hours straight and not want to die.

unnamed (10)

Since the CARA 20 Miler is designed to simulate the actual race, the event didn’t start at 6:30 like it usually does. We were placed in waves and mine didn’t end up starting until 7:00 on the dot. Unfortunately my pre-race stretching occurred on Lake Shore Drive after being involved in a fender bender — but luckily everyone was okay, my friend driving was not at fault, and we still made it to the race on time. It definitely made for an entertaining beginning to the morning.

The run was a point-to-point route, so we started very far north and ran along the lake for 20 miles with little diversion from the path. I haven’t even driven that far along the lake.

unnamed (11) unnamed (13) unnamed (14)

As you can see, we started in a huge pack — the 10:30 pace group — but by mile 17 (above) it was every man for himself. The weather was absolutely perfect for a run which is probably why I was flying until mile 16. Besides two 2-minute walking breaks + one trip to the bathroom, I crushed that 20 miler! I did find out that at mile 16 I become mean and cranky though. My friend was trying to make jokes to push me to the finish line and I was not having it haha. Sorry Jaeson!

unnamed (16) unnamed (19)

The thing I’m most proud of is how far I’ve come since my post a few weeks ago. Remember, the one where I was a blubbering idiot because I couldn’t overcome that wall at 13 miles? Well I made that wall my….well, you know.

Don’t think it was EASY though. I definitely wanted to collapse at the end. Which is exactly what I did.unnamed (23)unnamed (34)

Thank goodness the kind folks at NovaCare were there to stretch us out. I definitely took advantage of that treat — and Bethany found me! Sorry if I wasn’t forming full sentences at that point, lady 🙂unnamed (24)

It was almost 1pm by the time I got home and all I had eaten that day was half a banana pre-race and two Gus during, so I was cranky, grumpy, and in need of some serious food. Enter: the Chipotle burrito. I haven’t had an actual burrito from there since high school but I was not messing around with any burrito bowl nonsense. I needed that tortilla like a bee needs pollen.

unnamed (25)unnamed (26)

That thing was gone in five minutes.

I spent the next three hours jumping between icing my knees, showering, and sleeping. I honestly felt drunk for a few hours until Megan called me and reminded me that it was the last day of Taco Fest on the main street right by my apartment so even though I felt like a zombie, I threw on a decent outfit and was out the door.

unnamed (33)

I remember going to Taco Fest last year like it was yesterday. Such a crazy thing to think about how far I’ve come. I was volunteering at last year’s CARA 20-miler before I met up Megan for the festival and now here I am, 365 days later, having run it. Can you say goal-crushing?

unnamed (28) unnamed (29) unnamed (30) unnamed (31) unnamed (32)

I had a Grapefruit shandy (because I couldn’t find my beloved cider), a crispy chicken taco (definite favorite), and of course tried the lobster taco. They had so many cool creations there — fries topped with pulled pork and cheese was tempting me like whoa — but I wasn’t sure how my stomach would handle any craziness. So I stuck to the delicious basics.

And just because I wanted to end the night on a really nutritious note, we walked to Dairy Queen and got blizzards before watching the Keeping Up With The Kardashians season premiere. What a full day.


  • What’s the farthest you’ve ever run?
  • Do you have any street festivals near where you live?
  • Tacos: fish, chicken, beef?


  1. 20 miles is such an accomplishment in itself! But dang girl I remember not moving from the couch at all after mine! So impressed with all you did that day! And yea the hunger is real after those!

  2. yayyy girl! so happy for you that you crushed this! the longest i’ve run (aside from a full marathon) was my 23-miler on Saturday, which i’m still so stoked about. tacos: fish, all the way (as long as it’s not fried)!

  3. Awesome job on that 20 miler!! You deserve to eat all the food after that. For tacos I would go with chicken or beef.

  4. Awesome job on your 20-miler! It sounds like it was pretty tough but it looks like you did a pretty quality job refueling with delicious food between Chipotle and Dairy Queen buzzards- 2 of my absolute faves!

    Farthest I’ve run is a half-marathon (with a warm-up and cool down, so I guess 15 miles). And chicken tacos!

  5. No way! You were assigned to the group with all my running friends! I ditched them and ran with 11:00s because I had my own running strategy for the day, but I’m glad you were in good company 🙂 And I’m glad I saw you after the run! I was really hoping I’d see you to make sure things went well for you, and I’m super stoked that they did! Way to go, lady 😀

  6. That’s so awesome that CARA puts this on for you guys! It would have been awesome to have something like this for my 20-miler last fall. Luckily my roommate ran my first 10 miles with me and then followed me around in her car with water and snacks for the second half.

  7. OMG You crushed that 20 miler! The farthest I’ve ever ran in one day (two parts, 16 and then 10 miles) was 26. In one go I’ve done 21. It was HARD!
    Now I want a burrito 🙂

  8. 20 miles WOW…that Chipotle burrito must have tasted even more heavenly than usual (and that’s hard to believe). It’s so cool to find another “20 something fitness blogger” who demonstrates a full life of exercise, social, and indulgence! Can’t wait to read more of your posts

  9. Tacos for the win! You are just making me crave Mexican right now…. and it’s lunchtime…. yep that’s it, I have decided it’s tacos for dinner! David will be happy 🙂
    Major huge congrats on the 20 miles, that’s so awesome and I know how happy you will be. How brilliant that they had folk giving massages after the race – will make such a difference!

  10. Congratulations on your 20 miles. That’s great that you were able to get stretched out afterwards. I’m sure that helped w your recovery. It’s always nice when races offer that and massages afterwards. Besides the fender bender sounds like you had a great wkend. I love tacos. Fish are probably my favorite. I love Chipotle sauce on them..yum!

  11. 50 miles in Whistler, baybeeee! It actually hurt less than some of the marathons I’ve raced. I had fish tacos once at a resort in….get this… Arizona. Andrew and I were drunk and we thought fish tacos were a great thing to order while vacationing in the middle of the desert. Notsomuch. We live 20 minutes away from the ocean here, and yet we eat fish tacos down there. SO DUMB.

  12. Chump change!?! PPPSSSHHGOKJWE Girl please, that is an EPIC feat. The furthest I’ve run is 13.3 miles. yes…that .3 is important. HAHA. That burrito, those tacos, yes. All the yes.

  13. Aren’t you a rockstar!! Congratulations on the awesome 20-miler. I’m quit jealous of the taco feast going on right near your house. I do wish we had something like that around here.

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