I’m a victim to the keyboard (or lack thereof)

I have a very lame reason for why I don’t write on a regularly scheduled basis.


A few months back my keyboard started acting funky (think, typing “L” instead of “P” and nonsense like that), and at one point it just completely stopped working. Since I’m an idiot and keep buying PCs (read: not taking good care of my PCs), this is my second laptop in two years. And since I’m not really an idiot, I’m not going to buy another one. So until I find someone willing to pay me two grand on the black market for either my kidney or my Crockpot skills, I have to save for a Mac. The temporary solution is that I have an old desktop keyboard plugged into my laptop. So I have a laptop, a dead keyboard, and a giant keyboard + cord that have to lay in front of said laptop. And while I know it seems like it wouldn’t have much effect on anything, it really makes doing anything on the laptop a chore. You don’t realize how much you move your laptop around until you’re forced to do any and all typing, googling, and social media stalking at your kitchen table. This must be what jail feels like.


Since I used to do most of my blogging in bed at the end of the day, having to sit down at the kitchen table at 11pm is pretty torturous. So that, my friends, is why I have zero discipline and will probably continue to not follow any sort of schedule.


Things have been pretty fun around these parts lately. Lots going on on the writing/running/eating front, and since those are all of my favorite things I’ve been a pretty happy camper.

The Laughing Cow hosted a phenomenal blogger event at River Roast downtown. I spent a few hours tasting wonderful appetizers, downing dessert shots, creating snack plates using The Laughing Cow cheeses, watching professional foodies take advantage of the Instagram “stages” and phone charging stations (only at a blogger event), and catching up with two of my favorites, Susie and Sara.

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I left with SO MUCH CHEESE. They really don’t have a cheese you can’t create snacks out of.

Over the weekend I organized a wine tasting hosted by Russ the Extraordinary (otherwise known as Dad). He came to the city and pulled out all the stops to teach us so many things about red wine now that the weather is (supposedly) getting chillier. It was one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time with ten of my closest friends and my biggest fan.

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Some of the cool things we learned?

  • Shiraz and Syrah are the same thing, just from different countries
  • The more “legs” you can see on the glass just after swirling the wine around, the more alcohol that wine contains
  • If you put champagne open in the fridge it will maintain the carbonation for longer
  • You should take the cover completely off the cork and bottle before you pour the wine. It contains lead!

As something that will come as a surprise to no one, I’ve been spending way too much money on restaurants and takeout and having zero regrets about it:

When you pass a donut truck you do NOT keep walking

When you pass a donut truck you do NOT keep walking — Pistachio donut from the Donut Vault truck

unnamed (38)

Pad thai @ Aroy

Lobster guacamole @ Barcocina

Lobster guacamole @ Barcocina

Oh and running. Lots. Apparently I’m running a marathon in a month. Who knew?

unnamed (31)

I’m still too embarrassed to ask how to change the TV at Equinox but luckily The Food Network is usually on one of them.

I have some big news on the “I’m finally becoming a professional adult” front that I can’t wait to share with you soon! Hopefully the keyboard situation doesn’t keep me away 🙂


  • What’s your favorite channel to have on TV when you work out?
  • What’s the best restaurant dish you’ve had in the past two weeks?
  • Does your city have blogger events?


  1. I’ve had to do the same thing with my laptop before! My first one was a MacBook Pro that I had for 3 months before my daugher (she was 4 at the time) spilled milk all over it. I couldn’t afford another Mac so I bought a PC that sucked and fell apart. Finally saved up to buy another MacBook Pro about a year ago and you KNOW I bought the warranty which came in handy when I had a can of Coke explode all over it and had to replace it. Phew. I wish my own life came with a warranty.

  2. Looks like you have had alot of fun (and delicious) stuff going on lately! I have had keyboard issues before- one time my space bar stopped working. It definitely makes it annoying to type something out when dealing with those kinds of problems!

  3. Wait, different news than what we were talking about?
    I honestly don’t know what to do with so much cheese. It’s kind of ridiculous. My keyboard goes through times of struggle as well–I think it is because I eat over it and the crumbs get beneath…. #hungrypersonproblems.

  4. I feel you on the laptop front. But instead of keyboard issues, I’m just having old, 20 pound (feels like 50), too slow because it has too many food photos on it, laptop issues. I’m also saving for a MacBook Air (the lighter the better), so I can edit photos/posts on my commute. Let’s see which one of us gets there first. Ready? Set? Go!

  5. i’m sure NYC must have blogger events but i am so out of the loop and have no idea! whoops. probably should start looking into that, so thanks for the suggestion! 🙂 best thing i’ve had at a restaurant lately, hmmmm…probably still my acai bowl in Santa Barbara. swoon.

  6. Blogging in bed….YAAS. Until you nap over and over again.

    So. I actually want to take up running because I am over the weights at the gym. I probably told you that but you mentioned it again here but now I want to again lol. Also…cheese event? Yes please! I went to a couple in New York and recently went to a WF one which had buffalo cauliflower- I was in heaven.

  7. Wine tasting AND cheese tasting?? I need to live near you so we can be friends. Williamsburg isn’t exactly a major area for anything, let alone blogging. Wish the cheese companies would come down here!

  8. One of my coworkers has the exact same laptop issue you have! The bag he uses to carry around his laptop is ridiculous, since he has to have so much stuff just to use the computer. What a nuisance!

    I went to River Roast earlier this summer (for dinner, not for a blogger event) and thought it was SO cool. That location is insanneeeeeeeee. And, given that it’s across the street from Chicago Cut, it’s actually pretty affordable, too, all things considered.

  9. Ok lobster guacamole… How much is a ticket to Chicago??!!!
    That’s one good cheese haul you got there! I really like that cute laughing cow tote – would have been a fun event! Don’t know if Perth have any blogging events, it’s on my list to check it out, would love it if there was.
    I have been using the gym in our building (starting CF here next week!) and I like having the news in in the morning – then again I always love watching the news! Food network would make me so hungry!

  10. Saving up for your mac is totally the right move! I don’t know what I would do without mine! And now I get one for work too… don’t miss PC’s one bit!

  11. I actually do not watch TV when I work out! 😮 I don’t even listen to music. However the channel I love to have on when I am working on my computer/at home at night is generally HGTV, FoodTV, FYI Network or Nick at Nite – LOL!

  12. The blogger event sounds awesome! And what could be better than an event with free food and other food loving bloggers? 🙂

    And ugh, the laptop situation does sound like a pain- technology issues can be the worst!

  13. Ahhh I have so been there! In my last year of my undergrad my computers keyboard didn’t work and so I had the giant attached version, plus it had to be plugged in at all times to a PowerPoint and it would randomly get a blue screen and die! Not great when writing 3000 word essays- i had daily heart palpitations! I bought my Mac at that time second hand and it’s awesome and was way cheaper and I am praying will get me through postgrad too 🙂

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