Inaugural CARA Run, Father’s Day, and Old Lady Fun

Justttt when I say I’m leaving for good, I pop back onto IHABL.

First things first: it was my first marathon training run of the season! I’m in an interesting spot right now because even though this week’s run should only be 7 miles (for the Chicago Marathon in October), I’m also attempting to not die during the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in July — so I knew I needed to do more than that to make sure mama’s still got it.

I rolled out of bed bright and early at 5:30am Saturday morning and ran to Foster Beach to meet up with CARA for the second run of marathon training season (my first).


I had no idea what to expect from a CARA run, as it’s my first time with the organization. Luckily it was much less intimidating than I thought. The group was easy to find, there were speakers with music blasting, and pace groups that were easily marked. Who knew so much activity happened in the city before 7am! I found my pace group and even recognized a few girls who had been in the store before, so I was cool as a cucumber. The whole “fake it til you make it” advice really is true.

IMG_5829 IMG_5841

It was awesome! There were hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of runners out on the path throughout our run. Everyone yelled hi to each other, we ran 2×2 (Noah’s Ark style), and there was even a gatorade station set up along the way?? The running community is pretty incredible — this is going to be a fun summer.

All in all, (3 miles to the site + 7 miles with the group), and before I knew it I had covered 10 miles!


I hobbled home, had an appointment at Delos where aΒ very European no-nonsense therapist dug his elbows deep into my hip flexors and foot arches (best investment I’ve made in a long time), and soon headed to the Farmer’s Market with Colleen. We had waaaay too much old lady fun exploring.

IMG_5851 IMG_5859 IMG_5860IMG_5868 IMG_5861 IMG_5864IMG_5856 IMG_5867 IMG_5869

Sunday was spent with my #1 fan, although these days I really think those roles are reversed. I love this guy! We ate great food, played (terrible) golf, sat on the deck in the sun, drank sangria, and just spent some quality time together.

IMG_5910 IMG_5911Questions:

  • How did you spend Father’s Day?
  • What’s your favorite part about farmer’s markets?
  • Running groups: love ’em or hate ’em?


  1. Looks like a fun few days!! I very rarely do group runs, but they are a great way to change things up! I liked running with a training group last summer for a couple runs because we ran through areas of Baltimore that I wouldn’t ever run through by myself.
    Yesterday was not only father’s day but also my sister’s bday, so we went to my parent’s house for dinner.

    1. I need to make sure to schedule my grocery shopping around the FM from now on — most times I end up just going for the atmosphere and don’t buy anything because I don’t need anything. Not good!

  2. Pretty much perfection. I have learned to love group runs–some people talk, some people don’t. If you’re not in the mood, just listen to everyone else–it’s like your own personal podcast!

  3. I love that cheese sign hahah! Running groups – love them when the planets align. Location and time of day usually (force? allow?) me to run solo.

  4. I need that sweet potato in my life. Along with an entire jar of almond butter apparently to eat along with it.

    I’ve never done a running group, but I do like running with select friends who won’t yell at me for running as slow as a turtle.

  5. I love a farmer’s market, especially when they are dog friendly. That is wonderful that you joined CARA, I would love to join a running group but find them intimidating. I am so glad that you had a great experience–I am inspired to join my local running group πŸ™‚

    1. Are any farmer’s markets NOT dog friendly? I feel like they have to be, that’s part of the experience! It definitely seems intimidating to join a running group (trust me, I skipped last week’s first run because I was too scared to go) but I ripped off the bandaid this week and am so happy I did. I felt comfortable and welcome.

      1. That is wonderful to hear–I need to put on my big girl pants and just do it! And unfortunately my town, Greenville, doesn’t allow dogs at the farmers market–its a huge bummer!!

  6. That was very thoughtful of you to take a picture of my running group without realizing it! Do you see me in your picture? Because I see me in your picture! I look just as cold as I felt. Hahaha.

    Look at all those fun things at the farmer’s market! I accidentally stumbled upon one in my area on Saturday, which was very exciting (though would have been more exciting if I had had cash and could have, you know, bought anything. Ha.). Maybe they’ll sell me non-moldy fruit, unlike a certain Jewel Osco πŸ˜›

    1. Hahahaha Bethany I’m actually laughing out loud all by myself. This is so embarrassing. How did I not realize you would be there? Better yet how did I not spot you?? Well I’ll see you next weekend!! Which pace group do you run with?

  7. I love farmers markets! We have a huge one in Worthington, luckily only like 5 minutes from my boyfriends! Although next time I hope I remember some cash so I can actually buy some goodies πŸ™‚

    1. It’s the best when you can walk there πŸ™‚ such a wonderful way to leisurely spend a weekend morning! I didn’t have cash either haha so I had to get change from CVS — I always forget that there are still some instances where you absolutely need cash.

  8. Oh, NICE! Sounds/looks like a great weekend. I like running groups once in a while but not all the time–I like running because it takes me away from all the people and gives me a breather. But yeah, running groups are fun. We went down to the States for Mexican food for lunch, and then drove down to the beach and sat on a patio overlooking the ocean and had crab for dinner. It was a really fun Father’s Day!

    1. Well you probably blow all running groups out of the water haha you’re a speed demon! I was just telling someone the other day that if I could have Mexican food for every meal of my life I’d be perfectly fine with that. I wish I lived in a place that had crab all the time — I can’t get enough seafood! What a nice Father’s Day!

  9. I love running groups to help me push the pace. I tend to use those runs as my tempo runs – the extra motivation is key! Otherwise I prefer to run solo. Father’s day was spent brunching with my mom and step-dad and feasting at night at my boyfriends family’s BBQ! Hope you have a fabulous day!

    1. I’m totally with ya on pushing yourself with groups. I would NEVER be able to hit 10 miles alone! My mind always comes up with a million excuses to stop but the competitor in me won’t stop if others are around haha. Your Father’s Day sounds great! Good food is always key πŸ™‚

  10. I like running groups for slow fun runs. I like running either with just myself or only one person for longer training runs. Running is my “me” time. My favorite part of farmer’s markets is usually the MUSIC played and the smells. I could sit there all day πŸ™‚

  11. That sweet potato is a beast! Looks like such a great farmers market! Father’s Day here is in September, completely different haha.
    I LOVE running groups, I had a really great one in Canada and i miss it! I need to find one here but my work schedule always changes which makes it hard.

  12. LOVE my running groups. And running in groups. I was such a solo runner for a long time that it’s been fun getting around other people! That looks like an awesome farmer’s market. We have one here that is at a very inconvenient time so I never get to it. Boooo!

  13. Sounds and looks like a great time from your recap and pictures! I love running groups. I think they’re great especially for long runs because they just make the time go by so much more quickly. Although I love running, I’ve never been the one to love a super long run and groups are the best way for me to get that done!
    Glad you got to spend Father’s Day with your dad ❀ That's definitely the best. I spent it with my dad and grandpa this year since I was in Minnesota. I think that's the first time I've seen my grandpa on Father's Day. It was pretty special.

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