Problem Areas

I was recently watching The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda and they did a little story called “4 Bathing Suits That Will Flatter All Body Types.” Obviously this is not a new concept — it’s that time of year when the thought of trying on bathing suits sends many women into a full-blown panic. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but when I really started to listen to the words being said, I got angrier and angrier.

The hosts were calling out women’s “problem areas” and repeatedly calling them “issues.”


What were some of these problem areas?

Broad shoulders

Wide back

Not having a “plethora of boobs”


First of all, I understand there are different body types out there and it’s great that there are different suits that make all women feel confident. However — we need to change the LANGUAGE we use when we speak about these matters.

Having CHARACTERISTICS does not an issue make.

Playing down certain features and trying to appear smaller should NEVER be a goal broadcast to women across the country.

Can you imagine how RIDICULOUS it would look if we paraded men on TV in their board shorts and pointed out similar things?

“Well, John, you’re looking great today but if your biceps could be a quarter of an inch bigger I think you’d really see an uptick in your self-worth”

“Bill! Looking good! Tell me, though, why did you pick a short that accentuated your kneecaps that way? They look a bit wobbly!”

It would be absurd. But with women, we’re so numb to it that it’s happening on national television.

Yes, we all want to look good in a swimsuit. I’m not so delusional that I think there will be a day when we can walk around like men do in a standard-looking swimsuit with no makeup on (and maybe buzzed heads?) Most of us are feminine and like showing off what we’ve got. So I understand the need to advertise different kinds of swimsuits in order to help women of all shapes and sizes find the one that’s best for them. But I’ll say it again: the LANGUAGE needs to change. There is nothing “wrong” with certain areas on your body. These aren’t “problems” that need fixing.

In my humble opinion (and remember, I’m just a girl with broad shoulders and cellulite so take what I have to say with a grain of salt…) here are some problem areas that we should work on:











What are we doing to fix those?


  1. That is pretty embarrassing that women are speaking out regarding “problem areas”. What happened to empowering ourselves, accepting who we are, and being confident? Nothing like pointing out imperfections on national TV…

  2. Amen, sister! And if we aren’t focusing on the the problem areas of life, maybe we can at least refocus our conversations around body image to do some crazy things like increase self love and confidence?! Preach, love it!

    1. It’s all about refocusing or reforming the way we speak. The issue itself isn’t that bad — we all need different-style swimsuits, obviously! But it’s the way we address different body types.

  3. I have to be honest I think that we are so unaware of the situation we don’t even realize it is happening sometimes. I have watched and read some of the same things and I didn’t think anything of it, but you are so right. Instead of pointing out the “problem” areas they should be pointing out how good your favorite features look in the suits! Always bringing positive to the table and leaving the negative out!

  4. No seriously, you mentioned boobs. What if they did it to guys and said oh hey that swimsuit makes your package look small? Here’s some board shorts that accentuates your balls! Like…. What?? Crazy double standard.

    1. You don’t notice how absurd and obnoxious the double standard is until you point it out like that! It would be funny if it wasn’t so detrimental to the women of the future we’re raising. Also, your newsletter the other day about how your boss chastised you about your walking breaks?! Talk about ANOTHER double standard! Smoking break, walking break…give me a break! (like what I did there?)

  5. Oh, PREACH, Lauren! The media THRIVES on making things extreme – super foods, diets, and body image. Will it ever get better? Doubtful (call me not-so-optimistic). But that’s where more awareness comes in, like your post ;). xoxo!

  6. SO MUCH HEAD NODDING GOING ON OVER HERE. Especially with how you pointed out the problem areas that we really need to be focusing on…I think those put everything else into perspective!

  7. GMA you so crazy! I saw a hashtag this morning that goes right along with this. A woman is encouraging others to take selfies and tag them #IAmMyOwnStandard
    I’d say that’s pretty legit! 😎

      1. RIGHT?! I actually have an audition tomorrow that requires me to wear a bikini top, and I am honestly considering not even bothering going because I don’t like that! 😦

  8. I love this! I think it would a fun experiment to critique men the way women are critiqued and see what everyone thought of that. The crazy thing is, we (women) tend to do this to ourselves. It definitely needs to change!

  9. SO TRUE!!!! Men never are subjected to what we women put on ourselves!!!! We all need to be kinder and not so judgmental to ourselves and others.

  10. Loveee It! you said it and I couldn’t agree more. I do not stress over bathing suits or bathing suit “season” but I do not like how they said “problem areas” because no one has a perfect body and we should embrace our imperfections. Also why we (women) bring each other down instead of lifting each other up, specially when it comes to our bodies. Like you wrote there are way more important problem areas that we should fix.

  11. Wow! You are so right! We are so numb to it that at first I didn’t even think anything of it… but now I’m like, Oh my word!! It’s amazing the pressures that woman face to look a certain way. It’s ridiculous and unhealthy. We should focus on being our healthiest, happiest selfs instead of trying to fit a certain image. Great post as usual! Thanks for sharing Lauren!

  12. Preach it, girl! I wish everyone thought of this like you do. The way our society works in constantly bashing a woman’s body is so detrimental. I wish we could change it, but it’s going to take A LOT of work and time before the perspective changes :/ The best we can do right now is keep a good head on our shoulders and try to encourage other girls/women as best we can 😀

  13. Alsoooo one woman’s “problem area” is another woman’s treasure, and if we call them issues, then not only is the one woman even MORE self-conscious, but the other who envied her is being told even her ideal isn’t good enough. Yeesh. It’s a horrible, circular battle.

  14. You NAILED it. There is absolutely nothing I could add to this other than that I agree wholeheartedly 🙂

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