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I know the internet is vast, but the blogger world is small. So if you’ve seen this post 100x in the past few weeks, I apologize. I just know how much I love getting to know all of you, and it seems like it’s been way too long since I’ve divulged any fun personal information. A girl can only talk about food + fitness for so long before people get to saying “uh…who is this again?”




So thank you Tracy Anderson who inspired Tina who inspired Sara who inspired me. Saving empty-headed writers all over the blogosphere from having to create new content is much appreciated.

My Favorite…

Song That Amps Me Up

This changes daily, but today?

Way to eat eggs

Omelets. The bigger, the better.1469810_10151741837792233_957526739_n


The Jillian Michaels Show! I absolutely love that woman. She can do no wrong in my book (and when she does, she fesses up to it). She’s a real human being, a humanitarian, and an incredible example of fitness. Not to mention she’s funny! Plus her DVDs kept me from gaining 75 pounds when I studied abroad in Paris and a) ate macarons every day and b) got the side-eye any time I tried to run in public.

Kind of Date

Cooking together. Pick out a recipe, go to the store, get the ingredients, go back to his/your place, and make it together.


I wish I could sound enlightened or deep, but it’s easily Instagram. Food porn central, yo.willotoons-on-Instagram

Item in my closet

My Swiftly tops. I’ll spare you the “I love lululemon” speech, but I live in them, whether it’s the long sleeves, short sleeves, or tanks. They are the bomb.com

Gifts to give and receive

Instead of giving tangible gifts, I love planning “dates” with people in my life. This has been my thing for the past six months. I come up with activities we can do and put together a day to spend time together. Unless someone explicitly wants something, I Β think thoughtful dates are a much better gift, no matter who you’re giving them to. At least, that’s what I love to receive πŸ™‚

Pizza topping

Easy! Green peppers and onions. And cheese. But that’s implied, right?unnamed (43)

And because it’s the weekend, just a quick thought to reflect on:

unnamed (44)Neat, right?


  • Pick one and GO!


  1. I saw this one on Tina’s blog and thought it was fab!
    Now what question to answer…. Has the be the egg one! Favourite way to eat eggs is poached – I hardly ever do it at home but when I am staying at a hotel I always order them! Then again I have yet to find a way of eating eggs that I don’t love! #foodofthegods

  2. Love this! My favorite kind of date is definitely going out for dinner. I love trying new places and foods. It also gives the husband a break from cooking duty πŸ˜‰

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I swear I will use my Lulu credit at some point. I just need to find THE PERFECT THING.

    My amping up song is always Lose Yourself by Eminem. I plan to play it a lot while dying at this race on Sunday.

    1. You should come in tomorrow before your race and get a Swiftly top to run in πŸ™‚ no pressure of course but there are so many good colors now and it’s the best running top (in my humble opinion). Eminem is a great motivator! I can’t wait to hear all about the race!

  4. Live in Lulu run swiftly tops and run inspire capris. If only they were work appropriate…. And it’s nice to know we could hypothetically share a pizza. I ONLY do green pepper, onions, and cheese : )

  5. Omelets are definitely my favorite way to eat eggs, too. I’ve only had omelets since forever so I made scrambled eggs the other day for something different and was surprised by how different they tasted! I’m sticking with omelets πŸ™‚

    1. Is it weird that now that I’m used to omelets, I’m pretty sure 2 scrambled eggs wouldn’t fill me up the same way anymore? They’re still great, but not nearly as filling. A 2-egg omelet does the job, though!

  6. Mmm I love omelets. Those and scrambled eggs are my fave for sure. Although really, I kind of like eggs just in general, as long as they’re not remotely runny in any way. All that soft boiled/sunny side up/poached business? No thanks. I want my eggs cooked all the way through.

    1. I’m the same way! I’ve always wanted to try eggs benedict in theory (apparently they’re “soooooooo good”) but I know I wouldn’t be able to get over the presence of a yolk just staring back at me. No bueno.

  7. I really love that end quote you put there. I am trying to be a more positive person overall. Some days are hard and I forget to leave that negative energy behind, but I really love nothing more than brightening other people’s day πŸ˜€
    And…I love learning more about you! Omelettes are the best! My favorite amp-me-up song right now (because mine changes alot too!) is “Hero” by Skillet. It just makes me go faster!!

  8. i went into the new Lulu today that just opened in my office building and wanted everything. and bought nothing. because MONEY. but it’s all so lovely! πŸ™‚ they tried to recruit me for both their running group and their yoga, so i think i might start!

  9. My favorite app is probably Instagram too, but Snapchat takes a second. It’s only second because I forget about it every other week, but when I’m on it, I’m on it HARD!

  10. This is so cute!! What a fun post!! Thanks for sharing girl!! …also, I love that you starting with “Whose that girl?!” I automatically said the whole jingle in my head!! πŸ™‚ Also, that pizza looks amazing! Great topping choice! πŸ™‚

  11. I love this and perfect timing as I just found your blog! I love you cooking date idea, me and my boyfriend love cooking together and it’s great for the student budget too πŸ™‚ I also am a big fan of your date-present idea, my sis and I always do that for each other (especially since I basically started living out of my suitcase) and it is so memorable and fun!

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