balancing the weekend: jumping jacks and jello shots

I don’t even know where to begin describing the shenanigans that went down this weekend.

Friday night we celebrated my Dad’s birthday with our annual trip to a German restaurant. We eat German food once a year because it’s my Dad’s favorite — that shows how much we love him because I don’t think anyone in the world besides Germans love German food. I was lucky because my mom brought me a piece of his German chocolate cake that they had the night before — sensing a theme here?

1476089_1007196122640516_3360148816688752952_nWe went to Mirabell and it ended up being FANTASTIC. I never love German food but this was actually delicious! They took their time with the dishes but it was worth it — everything came out piping hot and flavorful.

unnamedI had salmon with garlic-cream sauce and fried potatoes with a salad to start. My brother got the famous Wiener Schnitzel and we all sampled some potato pancakes — everything was great. Plus I got to eat cake in bed later that night and I’m not sure what’s better than eating cake in bed…


Saturday was when most of the shenanigans ensued. It was Chicago’s annual “12 Bars of Christmas” Event, otherwise known as TBOX. We started the day at 7am with coffee/Bailey’s, mimosas, egg sandwiches and cinnamon rolls.

IMG_2043 IMG_2040 IMG_2046IMG_2049 IMG_2051Oh and did I mention the jello shot tower? Yeah, there was a jello shot tower.


Needless to say it was a fun morning.


Now, in the name of balance let’s talk weekly workouts.

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 4 mile run
  • Wednesday: Sweat on State (400m warmup run + main workout shared below)
  • Thursday: Kick-ass spin class at Flywheel
  • Friday: 60 minute Sculpt class at CorePower Yoga
  • Saturday: Jello shots burn calories right?
  • Sunday: Rest

Even though I only worked out four days last week, I feel like I pushed myself 100% for those four workouts so I don’t feel like I skimped on the sweat at all. Plus I’m finally starting to notice a significant difference in my upper body strength which is so exciting! I love that I now measure my success on what I can accomplish with my body, not on how it looks or how “skinny” I can get.

A workout that centers on running - my kinda day!

A workout that centers on running – my kinda day!

The blue pants always make an appearance at sculpt

The blue pants always make an appearance at sculpt

unnamed (7)Moral of the story? With great food/drinks comes great responsibility…to sweat! And when you make working out as much fun as I do, it all balances out. The jumping jacks AND the jello shots 😀


  • Any fun holiday parties this past weekend?
  • Is there a type of food you aren’t fond of, like I am with German food?
  • How do you keep a balance between food/drinks and fitness?


  1. Nice going and adorable pictures!! You look so happy!! I absolutely love it!! In life, balance is SO key, so I love how you rock out the sweat and the jello shots!! That’s fabulous and you look absolutely fabulous doing it all!! You look amazing!! Love the gym pic!! Have a great week!! XOXO

  2. I wouldn’t even know where to begin to try and find German food in Scotland! But it looks good!
    Sounds like you had a fab weekend! Any day that starts with mimosas is always a winner!

  3. Cake in bed is always necessary and always a great thing! I have never down TBOX full on. My first year living here my friends and I went but were not signed up for it. Looks like you had a great time.

  4. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of German food either. I haven’t been exposed to much though. Not sure how vegan friendly it is? HA. YESSSS good food comes with responsibility. Exactly why as I write this comment I am also on my treadmill incline walking. Had one too many chocolate bites yesterday! HA.

  5. When I saw jello shots in the title, I wondered if you went to TBOX. Brave girl. I saw a few TBOXers on the CTA, and that was enough for me. I actually saw a guy on his way to TBOX when I was on my way to my race Saturday morning, which was a little mind-boggling to me, since it was like…maybe 8 a.m. More power to him (and you!), I suppose.

  6. This post’s title is AH-MAZING! Would you believe that I have never actually had a jello shot? I feel like I am missing out on life somehow. And I think you did a perfect job of balancing fun eats and drinks with workouts. I mean, what’s the point of working out so hard if you can’t enjoy a few things?

  7. Looks like you’ve had soooo mmuch fun!!! Loved the Christmas pics–you’re good at super getting into the holiday spirit!

    As far as balancing crap and fitness? I don’t drink…so that makes life simple, but I do eat crap…like super amazing pecan pie 🙂 I just balance it out the next day with eating clean, and I may or may not work up a sweat, I don’t really care haha.

    You’re awesome!! Have a fun week!

  8. Hi Lauren! Oh balance is key! That looks like a super fun and festive day with friends. I saw so many Santas running around San Francisco for SantaCon this year, but sadly I was not one of them. I need to try CorePower. Have a great Monday! 🙂

  9. I think I ate so much Chinese food growing up that now I am never in the mood for it. That’s a bummer since my husband loves it so much. I keep shooting him down and saying I dont want to go to Chinatown to get some.

    To balance life and fitness, I just try and maintain an active life and eat well, but don’t over restrict my cravings. I love sweets so I will eat them when I am in the mood. The better I eat, the less I crave them anyway, so it’s a win win. Looks like a fun weekend!

  10. Happy birthday to your dad! I am not fond of German food either. My Nana is full German and used to make alot of bratwurst and stuff like that which I always hated. But your salmon sounded tasty. That doesn’t remind me of a German food. What a fun weekend! My Christmas parry was last weekend and it was a good time, but yours looked alot more fun…haha.

  11. Ohh wow looks like you had a blast this weekend! I went to 3 holiday gatherings over the weekend! I must admit I love jello shots every once in a while 😉

    I always make the time to workout if I am going to be eating a ton. The best thing for me has been scheduling a marathon in January so that you HAVE to run through the holidays lol… it works…

  12. I don’t know that I have even had much German food. Except chocolate cake of course. Glad you are feeling stronger. That’s always such an amazing feeling.

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