Today the #1 man in my life turns the big 6-1.

You have always been my number one fan.

You never missed a basketball game — no matter how far away it was you were always in the stands cheering for me. Even when we traveled to a tiny, middle school gym in Kentucky, you were there.

You always looked for lemonade at my parent-teacher conferences growing up, and I always did everything I could to make sure you got some. And the one time you didn’t, I was crushed. I had let my dad down. I cried in the hallway and you thought I was the goofiest kid around. But letting you down has always been one of my biggest fears in life.

I always wanted to impress you growing up by eating all those weird types of meat that you had at restaurants. I’ve tried duck, veal, bologna and turtle soup because of you. Nothing I’d eat now, but I loved being brave and trying crazy things because my dad was eating them. I loved being just like you.

You shareΒ my love of late-night Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and Seinfeld Episodes.

You always make me popcorn when I ask – no questions asked, no matter the day or time.

You passed on your road rage to me. Not the best trait, but hey, they can’t all be good.

You almost had a heart attack moving me into my sorority house in college — but it quickly went away with a glass of chocolate milk. Further proving that you’re a child at heart.

You read this blog. You compliment my writing and tell me how proud you are of me regularly. How lucky can a girl get?

You have a voicemail from me saved on your phone from 2012. Who does that? You collect memories.

You take care of our house. You clean, you repair, you get up early and stay up late, and never, EVER ask for a thank-you.

And most importantly, you have ALWAYS trusted me to make my own decisions. You’ve never once told me what to do, or hovered over me, insinuating what you think I should do. Your trust in my character is unparalleled.

People say they have the “World’s Best Dad.”

I know I do.

Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you so much!



  1. Such a lovely tribute to your dad! Happy birthday Lauren’s dad! Hope you have a fab day!
    This post made me smile so much as a lot of the things you listed reminded me of my dad πŸ™‚

  2. This is the sweetest thing ever. I’ve only seen my dad once in the past year because he’s been away for work and now I’m counting down the days until he comes home next week. Happy Birthday to your dad!

  3. Happy Birthday to your father! This was a very sweet post to me today especially because of what my dad is going through right now (you can read it in my current blog post titled “cancer sucks”). I really liked this one–“You always make me popcorn when I ask” Ha!

  4. Too cute!!! I love everything your shared!!! Such a beautiful post!! So much love!!! What an amazing dad and Happy Birthday to your dad!!! Yaaaay!!!! I hope you’re having an amazing December!!! Have a fun weekend!!! XOXO

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