trust the timing of your life

Yes I still exist!

….I’m just approximately 10x cooler now that I have my own apartment downtown.

Just kidding I’m approximately 10x poorer but it is so, so worth it.

The move went as smoothly as possible — minus the hiccup of forgetting all my electronics at home — I guess I was just so excited to make the move that I left my laptop, charger, iPod and phone charger on the kitchen table. Talk about scatterbrained.

But nevertheless I am officially a resident of Chicago. Living that 60657 life, yo.

IMG_1734This is the before pic of my new habitat. It has so much potential and I love it πŸ™‚ I’ve already made it my own with race medals, travel posters. candles and a variety of French paraphernalia. The best part? The light. I know very few things in life but one thing I do know: I can’t live anywhere with limited natural light. I’m a “who needs curtains let’s let the sunshine in at 5am just because it’s magical” kinda gal and this place does just that. Have I mentioned how happy I am and how lucky I feel?

Even better than having a nice space to rest my head at night is that I’m living with two wonderful people. Megan, who you’ve seen around these parts a lot, is my best friend from high school. We’ve been friends since we were 14 and always said we’d live together — who knew it would actually happen. And Colleen – Megan’s friend from college – is a hoot and a half. The three of us have only lived together for 72 hours and we already had a night of ugly Christmas sweaters. champagne and decorating.

IMG_1751 IMG_1756 10678848_10204495100114711_9157530792364191192_n 10676264_10204495100314716_8220723310024865238_n 10448238_10204495099674700_5491585253758361372_n

I’m on cloud nine.

Trust the timing of your life

When I moved home six months ago, I couldn’t see past the pain. It was like a wall that I couldn’t get past – I just kept hitting it, clawing at it, trying to jump over it or run around it. But it’s once I finally sat down and rested against the wall for a little that it finally disappeared and I was able to see the light on the other side.

There is nothing worse than being in the midst of a storm and someone telling you “everything gets better with time.” It makes you uncontrollably, inexplicably angry. But it’s true. And unfortunately all you can do is weather the storm for as long as it takes.

Now that I’m on my own, all set up in my new place that I am paying for on my own, going to a job I love every single day, and thriving in a community of like-minded fitness junkies, I couldn’t be more full of joy.

Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to fitΒ my high-maintenance grocery demands into my budget. Woof.


  1. I am so happy about the successful move to your new place and your message rings true and speaks to me. I feel like right now in my life I’m in a constant state of waiting. Wating to find out when myself and my boyfriend can finally live together (depending on when/where we both move…), waiting for someone to give me a chance and give me my first “big girl” career (I have the worst luck with finding jobs…). And it sucks! But I stay positive by trusting that all that is meant to be will be. Fingers crossed my waiting state will be relieved sooner rather than later. Also, I STILL have yet to find an ugly Christmas sweater or have any sort of Christmas sweater party/pictures partaking. Need to do this in my life.

    1. Thank you so much Kaylin! The waiting is the hardest part – you want to jump the gun and control every aspect of your life because you think it’s the right time. But things will fall into place for you, I know it! And don’t worry – it’s only December 3rd – you still have time to get into the full swing of Christmas πŸ˜‰

    1. hahah that Whole Foods that was the scene of the crime is a ten minute walk from me — I wonder if I go back in they’ll have a photo of me on the wall saying “Do not sell to this woman – she throws fresh fish into freezers”

  2. Yay! So happy you got settled in ok, and your tree is so pretty! Oh and awesome Christmas jumper!!

    It’s so true, when everyone tells you things will get better in time you just want to scream, you can’t see an escape. But through these tough times comes incredible joy that you never thought was possible πŸ™‚ big smiles!!!

  3. Congratulations on your (awesome, well-lit) new home! You are SO SO right about trusting timing in life. If only it was easy to remember that advice when things seem so, so awful. As I re-read this post, I feel like I am reading something I could have written myself in 2010 when I’d just moved back from an adventure-turned-tragedy that was a solo move to New York City with Teach for America. When I was too broken to put the pieces back together alone, I moved home, too. It felt like a step (or a few million miles) backwards. As it turns out, no matter how far from your intended path you manage to find yourself, there is some secret detour to happiness hiding on the other side of all your fears. I’m so very happy to see you’re living in that happy. And livin’ in it well!

    1. The one thing I’ve gotten out of all this is that everyone has gone through something similar at some point in their lives — usually in their early 20s. So if you all survived, so can I πŸ™‚ Sometimes that “step backwards” is the best thing you can do for yourself. I know it was exactly what I needed

  4. Oh, I love this! And it’s so true, that when you’re in the middle of it you can’t see through to the other side!
    I’m loving your windows and your tree is telling me that I need to get my tree up NOW! πŸ™‚

  5. Ahh I am so happy for you! I can’t wait for it to be my time haha, I feel like we are living the same life I am just a couple steps behind ya! But congrats on the move and the new roommates sound awesome! Enjoy it!

  6. Congrats on such an exciting move! It is so true, you always want to knock people down when they tell you that things will change or get better with time. But it always works out for the best! Be very careful at Whole Foods. πŸ™‚

  7. Your place looks absolutely adorable! Love the Christmas stuff πŸ™‚ And I coudn’t agree more with what you said about trusting that everything is going to be okay… aaand the high maintenance grocery demands πŸ˜‰

  8. YAYY this post makes me so happy for you! Sorry, I was probably one of those people that told you that things would get better in time haha but see, it’s always the truth when you’re having a rough time! This post also made me miss my days of living with my girlfriends. Enjoy it!

    PS – Your sweater is kind of awesome!!

    1. Hahah no I would tell people that now, being on the other end of it all. It’s all you can say! But it’s hard to hear in the moment. Living with friends is a dream! And thanks – the men’s section at Target always has the best sweaters πŸ˜‰

  9. Congrats on your new place!! That is amazing! I hope you enjoy living there. I totally hear you on the difficulty of dealing with the “everything gets better with time” mantra. It so doesn’t help in the moment. I’m so happy you have been able to move to a positive place!

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