thinking out loud – why is my hair falling out, who do I tip, and what do women want?

Happy #thinkingoutloud thursday!


It’s haaaaappennnning!

IMG_0210 IMG_0202

I usually hate stopping while I run (it makes my legs automatically feel like tree trunks the minute I start to run again) but I just couldn’t miss capturing the beautiful scenery during my five miles yesterday. There’s nothing better than a pullover sweatshirt, laced-up sneakers, music and that crisp autumn air.

I followed this lady’s recipe a few days ago and ended up with the world’s most perfect muffins (minus the craisins, plus millet = perfection). Never used millet before? Try it. It makes everything perfectly crunchy, exactly what fluffy baked goods need 🙂

unnamed (2)

I’m pretty sure my hair is falling out. I know that most women think that’s true, but I’m starting to worry, as I think I pull out a good clump or two of hair every time I blow dry it. What’s happening?! Is there a food I can eat or vitamin I can take to fix this? I also have very brittle nails…are these two things connected? I know I could easily Google it but every time I Google health symptoms it’s usually followed with a hysterical email to my doctor paranoid that I’m dying of some kind of incurable disease. Halp!


I am unprepared to be an adult. There are so many unanswered questions. For instance, what does “writing something off” on your tax form mean? I understand the words, I understand the idea, I just really DON’T UNDERSTAND IT. If you hire men to deliver a couch from Crate and Barrel and pay a $50 shipping fee, do you still have to throw the guys a $20 or something when they deliver it? What’s kosher? If you get your hair cut and styled do you have to tip the person who shampoos you and then tip your stylist too? Who gets what, and how much?! Do I ever REALLY need a credit card?  It’s so stressful. Not a fan of these questions. I’m going to stay 23 forever, okay?

Did you hear about the latest “WTF were you thinking” story? It has to do with everyone’s favorite show (okay, everyone’s “I’m sick on the couch and there’s nothing on at 3pm in the afternoon, favorite) Jeopardy!


Right away you know it’s going to be bad when this is the category title. Well, that, and the average viewer’s age is 65. Here are some of the answers:

xxfciaryzcgn3kjzk1ig…..What is, a crossword puzzle.


…..what is, a vacuum.

For the love of almighty god.

What Women Want: not equal pay, not power over my own body, not equal access to education, not freedom to walk down the street in whatever I want to wear without fear, not an engineering degree OR a spot on the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad (because it’s my choice).

Nope. Women want a few moments of peace and quiet (from, I’m assuming, our bumbling, overweight and unappreciative husband and two kids) for a crossword puzzle and some help with the freaking vacuum cleaner.

Ok rant over. But seriously – this would’ve turned heads in 1995. It’s 2014. What in the world were those producers thinking? (And if they WERE thinking, touche, PR team, touche. Way to get some free press).

I’m seeing Gone Girl tonight!!! Is anyone else going this weekend? I used Fandango for the first time in my life, out of fear that the Thursday night showings would sell out and I’d be forced to wait until Friday night (unfathomable). I’m going to try my best not to post spoilers but I seriously can’t wait. They rewrote the entire third part of the novel for the film so I have no idea how it’s going to end. Which is crazy considering I spent much of the third part literally yelling at my book, it was that good. So, so good.


SPOOKY, right? I can’t wait 🙂

Oh, finally,

There’s a 99% chance I’m going to this lady’s concert by myself in a few weeks.

I bought two tickets at the beginning of summer, back when I thought I knew everything and exactly where I’d be on a Tuesday night in October. Nowadays I’m letting the tides flow where they may, so as of now I’m either putting out an ad on Craigslist or you can prepare yourselves for pics of me riding solo at the House of Blues. But in all seriousness if any local ladies have some Betty Who love hit me up and we can make an evening out of it 😉

What’s on your mind this Thursday? What’s the best workout you’ve had this week? When was the last time you saw a movie in theaters, and what was it? Got any answers for my “losing hair/brittle nails” debacle? What do you think women want?


  1. First off – I havent a clue who the singer is but if I was in your neck of the woods I would go with you in a shot! 🙂
    When I was ill, my hair did start falling out. In does go hand in hand with mental health – however it only takes effect approx 8 weeks after your most stressful time! I was so confused at first as to why my hair issues were at its worse when I started getting better but it’s because your hair folicls are a bit slower to respond, some folks will get it weeks after a stressful time at work for example. All will be well though, just give it time 🙂
    Going to see gone girl next week! Never read the book so all new to me!

  2. Ahhh first comment didn’t go through!!! Grrr!
    Re your hair, this is something I went through when I was sick. It does tend to go hand in hand with mental health – however, it takes approximately 8 weeks from your ‘worst time’ for your hair to be affected, hair folicls are slow to respond. Some folk see it happening weeks after a very stressful period in their life – work, family, health etc. don’t worry though, all will be well and it is normal 🙂
    Going to see gone girl next week and can’t wait! Never read the book so it is all new to me!

    1. Oh the struggles of a blogger’s life…when a comment doesn’t go through and you want to throw your computer at the wall haha. Good to know that it has a lot to do with mental health – lord knows I’ve been going through some times that are not exactly easy so I bet that’s it. I’m just going to focus on eating nutritious foods and hopefully my body will start to feel better 🙂 I know you probably don’t have time but if you do, read the book! I was never a huge book reader but that one was INCREDIBLE!

    Also, stress can cause hair loss, and it usually takes a few months. haha just saw the comment above me. There you go.
    Mel GIbson would have totally floundered in that Jeopardy category. He certainly did in the movie.

    1. October 14th! LMK! Also, great to read it might just be mental health. I’m slowly but surely feeling like my normal self so I’m sure my physical well-being will follow 🙂 Haha any Mel Gibson jab is always funny, even though one of my favorite movies of all time is The Patriot!

  4. YES- how did that make it onto Jeopardy?! you’d think someone would have been like “um, guys…” ugh people! and also i’m 31 and have barely gotten the hang of the whole grown up thing, but– ive learned that taxes are hard (nobody understands them), delivery people are lifesavers so i tip them, get a credit card and pay it in full every month, and yes, i tip both the stylist and the hair washer. And actually, i think thats literally everything you need to know about life right there 😀

    1. I can’t picture him in the movie but then again I couldn’t picture Ben Affleck either but now I’m PUMPED. I’ll do everything in my power to not give anything away haha but I’m really really really excited.

  5. I have not ready Gone Girl but the movie preview looks good. I may have to read the book first, since they are always better. I was enjoying the autumn air yesterday and got ten miles in! By the time i was finished it felt more like summer though.

  6. Totally hear you on the clueless adult aspect–uh,why don’t they teach us that in school, ya know??
    The stuff that we will actually need to know later on…like insurance,how to buy a house, taxes…all scary words to me. Lucky I have a smart husband hah.
    Love the fall pics! I am soo not ready!

  7. Stupid excited to see Gone Girl! Don’t know if I’ll make it up this weekend since I’ll be up in the mountains, but next weekend for sure! As for hair… it’s one of those things that can have a crazy amount of underlying causes, unfortunately. Stress is a big one, as is vitamin/mineral deficiency, and even hormonal imbalance. Or if might simply be an issue of not eating enough healthy fats, which would definitely go hand in hand with the brittle nails… especially because not enough dietary fat means you wouldn’t be absorbing all the fat-soluble vitamins that you should be.

    1. I’d say mountains trump a movie theater 😉 I think I’ll have to go see my doctor in the next few weeks to check out my bloodwork. Thanks for the suggestion! I think I eat enough healthy fats but I’d be morrrrre than happy to try to eat even more haha

  8. Aw man, I’d totally go to Betty Who with you if it weren’t on a Tuesday. Actually, I think I thought about going to that Betty Who concert until I saw it was on a Tuesday. That’s when I have my dance classes, so I can’t do things on Tuesday nights 😦 Alas. I’m sure you’ll have a great time, though! I saw her play Lincoln Hall back in April and she is SO much fun. I love her music!

    Breaking out the seventh grade biology here: your hair/skin/nails are all part of your integumentary system (I did have to Google that, but I remembered they were part of the same system and that it started with an “i” haha). I don’t really know anything about the care and keeping of one’s integumentary system, BUT they are connected, so I wouldn’t be surprised if your hair loss and brittle nails were related.

    I’m also not an accountant, BUT I have successfully done my own taxes (with the help of many phone calls to my dad 😛 ) on more than one occasion. You can write things off (work related expenses, charitable contributions, healthcare costs, etc.), but being a unmarried and childless individual, you probably don’t/won’t have enough things to itemize to make it worth it. When you do your taxes, you have the option of itemizing your deductions (“writing things off”) or taking the standard deduction, and it’s only worth itemizing your deductions if the total cost of those will exceed your standard deduction. The standard deduction varies by year/life state (married vs. single…I don’t *think* kids affect your standard deduction, since you can already take a deduction for them before you get to that part on your 1040, but I don’t have kids so I wouldn’t know [though I do consider having kids every February when I do my taxes, since that would be a nice deduction hahahaha]), but generally speaking the standard deduction is in the $5000/$6000 range. I don’t know about you, but I DEFINITELY do not spend more than $6000 annually on work expenses, charitable contributions, healthcare costs, etc., so it’s not at all worth going through the whole rigamarole of itemizing my deductions when I can get the standard deduction for merely existing haha. (Again, I’m not an accountant, so it’s entirely possible that this is all wrong, so don’t hate me if that’s the case 😛 )

  9. I’m so excited to see Gone Girl too and am interested to see how they change up the ending! I have sooo many of those same questions– I guess all those little tidbits of knowledge are things you gather throughout adulthood at some point– maybe? haha And about your hair– it might just be going through a shedding phase!

  10. Hi! The only thing on my mind is if I am getting a much needed good night sleep( I have 1 year old twins and still wake up in the middle of the night, well one of them). I think the reason you are losing hair is because of stress. Could be since my sister was also loosing hair and the doctor told her it was because of stress. Nice blog!

  11. OKAY – For awhile there, I was losing hair. It’s because I was malnourished when I was diagnosed with my food intolerances/allergies and had my LI taken out… SO I would highly recommend you take a multivitamin and biotin and silica. I would also advise you be patient! It takes about 6 months for your hair to start feeling fuller again. And… if you’re using hot tools, you need to get IONIC ones! I know sometimes these terms sound stupid and like they don’t matter (trust me, I didn’t give a shit for awhile) but I REALIZE NOW that they DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! ha ah!

  12. You read my mind with the rantings of how you feel unprepared to be an adult. There are so many things I still don’t understand….like tax deductibles?! Or pretty much anything related to taxes. Forget about it. 😦

    As far as a tip for your hair, I have heard that tea tree oil is really great for hair growth and filling it out. If you just use a tiny bit to rub into your scalp at night a few times a week. Might be worth looking into! Tea tree oil isn’t that expensive either.

  13. If you wash your hair every day, stop right this second. Get to the point where you wash it once or twice a week and your hair will be so thick and long. Also eat a ton of health fats – nuts, avocado, salmon, etc. Buy dry shampoo. I love Batiste. I wash my hair once a week and no one is any the wiser.

  14. I freaked out and thought my hair was falling out a few months ago.. Which is crazy since I have pretty thick hair. I bought thickening shampoo and all. I think I just might have been paranoid though. I saw Gone Girl this weekend and I really liked it! A little disturbing but a good movie! Now I need to get the book.

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