Spinach-Tomato and Feta Breakfast Wrap (recipe)

I’ve spared my blog the embarrassment of posting how many times a week I go to Starbucks for their Spinach-Feta wrap on my way to work. It’s healthy and all but it’s killing my wallet and I’m sure there are tons of preservatives in there, making it possible to sell tons and tons throughout the morning (which I appreciate – they were sold out once and it ruined my day).

In an effort to save some money and know exactly what I’m putting into my body, I decided to make my own version of this breakfast favorite! It took a few tries to get it just right, which I find is often the case when spinach is involved. It’s really easy to put too much spinach in there and then you’ve got a wrap that tastes solely like the green, which isn’t great.

Shout-out, as usual, to my BFF Trader Joe’s for their amazing ingredients!

Spinach-Tomato and Feta Breakfast Wrap

Makes 2 wraps


  • 3 eggs, 3 egg whites
  • 2 large handfuls of spinach
  • 1 tomato, chopped
  • 4 tablespoons feta cheese
  • 2 quinoa flour wraps

unnamed (2)


  • Sautee spinach in some olive oil or cooking spray until it is wilted. Add a good amount of salt/pepper. Remove from pan and chop.
  • Sautee chopped tomatoes for a minute or two on medium-low in the same pan until soft. Remove from pan.
  • Prepare eggs/egg whites in a bowl. Once they are whisked together, add the vegetables and whisk some more.
  • Spray the pan with cooking spray and turn to medium heat. Once the pan is heated, add the veggie/egg mixture and scramble.
  • Once the scramble is almost set, add in the feta cheese. Add in a few shakes of salt as well at this point.
  • Microwave the quinoa wraps in the microwave for 15 seconds each.
  • Spread the scrambled eggs into each wrap and wrap it up!
  • Voila!

unnamed (1)


  • What’s your go-to fast food breakfast?
  • Does Starbucks steal your paycheck each week too?

Have a great Saturday!


  1. I should just give my paycheck to Starbucks. There’s one right next to my work and it is always calling my name. I actually went in there yesterday before work to get a drink. It’s just too tasty to say no!

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