things i love friday: kiddie pools and tacos galore

Aaaaand just like that, it’s Friday again. Don’t you love short workweeks?

Even though it was a short week I still ran into a million things I loved and knew I had to share today with everyone, so without further ado, a few things I love this Friday.


Farmers Markets

Well it’s officially farmers market season and I couldn’t be happier. I love strolling past the dozens of farmers’ stands and checking out the homegrown produce and unique products. From crepe stands to flower stops and some of the freshest fruits and veggies you’ll see in your life, there are few things better than throwing on a casual maxi dress, grabbing all the cash you can find in your house, and walking the sunny streets of a farmers market. I plan on going to the Green City Market in Lincoln Park tomorrow morning, so stay tuned.



2% Greek Yogurt

Why have you all been holding out on me?? The difference between 2% and 0% greek yogurt is like night and day. It was so rich and creamy, it felt almost indulgent. I’ll never buy 0% again – ain’t nobody got time to be afraid of a little fat!



Speaking of that, have you ever put mango in your greek yogurt? Life-changing, I tell you.


It must be the warm weather but I’ve had fish tacos three times this week – can’t stop, won’t stop. I’m still on the hunt for the best fish tacos in Chicago – as of now the honor goes to Benchmark in Old Town but I have two places on my must-go list: Antique Taco and Big Star. I guess it’s my taco bucket list 🙂


At-home workouts

When I move to Lincoln Park in a few weeks I plan on signing up for a gym in the area, but until then I’m still using up my Yoga Loft 2-week pass and doing home workouts. If you’re looking for a fast and effective workout that you can do in your living room blasting Kesha, look no further than the Total Body Workout by Body By Jake on Hulu. Because honestly, what’s better than free?




Have your heard about this? A millionaire is leaving cash taped all over spots in California, from fire hydrants to park benches. He’s tweeting clues from @HiddenCash and hoping people will “pay it forward”. How heartwarming is that? I love little moments of humanity like that – everyone’s coming together and helping each other find the hidden cash, and then either taking their friends out for dinner/drinks or donating to their favorite charity. It’s such a cool idea and brings a little excitement and unity to the world! Fingers crossed he stops by the Windy City 🙂


Movies and Music in the Park

I promise that one day I’ll stop talking about how great Chicago is in the summer. Today is not that day.  Starting next week the city puts on free events multiple times a week such as concerts in the park and outdoor movies. For all the time I’m planning on spending on the grass it’s probably a good idea to invest in some outdoor furniture. How about this?


Is that perfect or is it perfect?

Have a great weekend! Check back tomorrow for a fresh new summer recipe!



  • What are your favorite outdoor activities in the summer?
  • What’s your favorite kind of taco?
  • What are your plans this weekend?



  1. This week DID fly by so quickly– but no complaints here 😉 I love using Amazon Prime for workouts (when I do them…haha), it’s nice to have some free options plus workouts with you when you’re on the go! I love visiting farmer markets as well! Have a great weekend!

    1. There’s always a little voice in my head saying that at-home workouts aren’t as hard as ones at the gym – but man some are SO HARD! You just have to push yourself – I need a video and loud music to motivate me.

  2. I love farmers market!! There is something great about local, and seasonal 😀
    Oh and at home workouts: I’m the queen at them!! I have tried everything, because even when I’m a personal trainer, I enjoy doing someone else’s workout, specially the motivation and encouragement (I workout alone, so that’s enough reason)

    1. I’m terrible at working out by myself (creating workouts and getting myself to do them, all while pushing myself) so I rely on free videos + loud music to make me feel like I’m in my own group fitness class haha

  3. Thank you for the workout suggestion!! I do a lot of my strength stuff at home after my daughter goes to bed and I’m always looking for new recs!

    I wish we had a great Farmer’s Market in my area that was going on at any point when I could actually get to it. Like say…a weekend like any normal Farmer’s Market. The only one around me that I know of is on like Thursday afternoon when I’m at work.

    1. Whenever i’m home in the suburbs the Farmer’s Market schedule is like that…I’m like hey other people besides stay-at-home moms need to go to them too! And I definitely suggest the Hulu workout – it kicks my butt every time and all you need is a set of weights and yourself!

  4. I love all the free events! Farmer’s Markets, movie nights on the lawn, gallery hop, and the active outside runs, bike rides and walks 🙂 !

  5. I completely equate summer with tacos. It’s like they go hand in hand. I love the farmer’s markets. There is actually a fabulous one right by my work on Wednesdays so I go during my lunch break!

    1. That’s so nice! I have to wait for weekends to go. But you’re totally right about summer and tacos…it’s the perfect food for warm weather. Made even better with a margarita of course

  6. fave summer activities: running outdoors, beach, lakehouse on the boat/kayaks. fave tacos: fish all day every day. wknd plans: bopping around NYC with the bro/girlfriends/a boy and some salsa dancing and running! have a great wknd. 🙂

    1. Teachers really live the dream all summer! I have a few friends in your position now and I’m pretty jealous…you definitely earn it after all the work you do all year thought! Have a great weekend!

  7. Dude as if you only just came to the realisation of 2% Greek yogurt….it makes 0% seem like water. SO GOOD.

    And farmers markets? We have a couple here but they are..not the best. Although I plan on going to the ‘good’ one this weekend. Favourite kind of taco has to be one which actually isn’t just filled with lettuce.

  8. I LOVE biking and hiking in the summer!
    And of course exploring farmer’s markets! I can’t wait to get there tomorrow or Sunday!

    We have a busy weekend and tomorrow we are going to a 2 yo Bday party. It’s a frozen theme…love it!

  9. Hahaha that outdoor furniture looks way too fab. I’ll be needing that in my life stat. And heckkk yes about the farmer’s markets — best time of the year!! I’ve never been to Chicago in the summer… I should probably change that soon.

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