white cheddar tequila trout (it’s not what you think)

Oooo how gross is that title? But it got you to click, right? Bwahaha my master plan is working – shock and awe will keep you all coming back for more! In all seriousness, though, isn’t it funny how you can churn out content almost daily for entire blog posts and then it’s time to come up with a title and you’re like “Uhhh….”. Oh the irony….

I promise I’ll have a recap soon of my juice cleanse attempt (emphasis on the word attempt) but I really feel like I’ve committed a major blogger sin by skipping out on “What I Ate Wednesday”. When I first started reading food blogs (Kath Eats Real Food was my gateway drug) that was my favorite part! Scrolling through photo after photo of snacks, sandwiches, skillets, and everything in between got me through the day when I was working at my first summer internship. One of the first realities I faced when I started blogging was no, you can’t just upload iPhone photos of fish and veggies every single day and call it a healthy living blog. These types of outlets require covering a vast number of topics, and food is just the tip of the iceberg. But hey, we all love a good photo dump every once in awhile, right? So in homage to my blog-obsession roots, I’m going to share some of the best things I’ve eaten in the past week or so.


Lentil soup – it never sounds good but 9 out of 10 times it knocks my socks off


Trader Joe’s chicken and verde salsa burritos (an incredibly easy frozen food option) alongside some tortilla chips, salsa and peas. I’m a pea freak lately!


Tequila and good conversation mix very well 🙂


Why has no one told me about this white cheddar mac and cheese before? I about died and went to heaven


Deep dish from the Art of Pizza in Lakeview – my new favorite (the two pounds of cheese per slice helped)


Overnight oats – never pretty, always delicious


Easily the best sandwich I’ve had in awhile: chicken, roasted tomatoes, pesto, arugula and provolone.


Food Ease hot bar inside Water Tower place: Joe’s Crab Shack Roasted Tomatoes, Herb Roasted Trout, and Roasted Potatoes. Talk about a high-class lunch!


I will never turn down a Chipotle date with Zman 🙂

Let’s end the post with something I’m grateful for today: I’m grateful for the ability to read! Can you imagine never learning that basic skill? I love reading about other people’s life experiences and creative writing pieces so I’m very appreciative that I grew up in a place that values education.

Okay…now let’s hear from you!

  • What’s the best thing you’ve eaten in the past week?
  • What’s one thing you’re grateful for today?


  1. The best thing I’ve eaten lately or rather drank was a smoothie or frappe I made last night! So good and good for you 🙂 !
    I am so grateful for this lemon tea I’m drinking right now!

  2. Umm pretty much everything you ate looks delicious!! Strangely the things that stuck out the most were the (super cheesy) pizza and the overnight oats. At least my cravings are balanced? Haha.

    I’ve been really good about lunches this week – I made a bunch of super garlicky white bean/veggie patties on Sunday and have been eating them with either sweet potatoes or spinach. They’re both healthy and tasty, so a major win win in my book!

    1. I’ve been loving white beans lately! Especially my white bean basil hummus 🙂 I have a chicken/white bean/quinoa recipe that I shared a while back that I definitely want to resurrect now 🙂

  3. Peas are just little orbs of happiness in my humble opinion. And white cheddar Annies is my goto pre race dinner. Often with peas, actually…. And i love trout, and tequila. So I probably would have been down if the title hadn’t been faux. But then that is me.

    1. I’ve met multiple people who mix Annie’s with peas…I wonder who was the first person in the world to come up with they idea? Do you think they’re mad that they’re not getting any credit? Do all foodies have the same brain? So many questions…

      1. Well I for one am furious. But I think that we often think similarly and after a while all of the awesome have to get mixed together in order to create epicness. Thus how spaghetti squash protein pancakes were born. Or Irish nachos. Or eggwhite oats. Or acv egg white oats. Or….. Pumpkin enchiladas. But I could just be going through things I like to make.

  4. Chipotle! and that sandwich!! You’re killing me (I’m starving). Today I am grateful for the warmer weather 🙂 even if I am sweating at my desk because they’ve decided to NOT turn the air on yet, I know it’ll be awesome once I get out!

  5. i skip out on WIAW and feel guilty about it too! I’m not a food blog and often forget to take photos of my daily eats but I get major FOMO when I see everyone linking up and I have nothing to contribute!

  6. Oh my gosh, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m obsessed with pizza!!! My gosh, that pizza picture looks so delicious!! Hmm…I’m thinking pizza for dinner tonight! 😉
    I’m thankful for the sunshine!! It has been SO nice laying out and soaking up the sun!! The best thing I’ve eaten this week…pound cake with ice cream!!

      1. Noooo, I haven’t!!! YUM!!! That sounds like a great idea!! My husband is great with the grill so that will be something awesome to try! Thanks!

  7. That trout looks delish! and chipotle – so jealous! Maybe it’s a good thing we don’t have any in Scotland!

    Best thing I ate this week was nomnompaleo’s crackling chicken! Amazing!

  8. Fish tacos. My mom whips up this amazing sauce to go with it… incredible. On that topic, I am thankful for my momma!!!! She is literally amazing I can’t even believe how much she does for her family in just one day. Other than Ang, I am also grateful for the weather!!!!!!!!! I don’t care that it’s rainy, as long as it’s not snow 🙂

      1. Yes! She’s actually making a taco bar for my bro’s graduation tomorrow haha! I’ll throw a fiesta this summer for sure!

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