picture this: weekend

First things first: listen to this song during your next workout. I played it on repeat for hours during my workouts this weekend and my commute to/from the city. It’s so joyful, catchy, upbeat, and motivating. Obsessed is too casual a word for what I feel for this song.

Well it was a busy weekend full of work, great food, and workouts. So not much different from a typical weekend, but worth a share. Sometimes the best way to share is through nothing but pictures, so without further ado….my weekend.  Happy Monday!


I just started including bosu balls into my workouts…. it adds a whole other dimension to workouts


Friday I worked 13 hours aka it was a Venti kind of day


It’s just a wee bit cold in Chicago…


Saw this Samoa cupcake on Instagram, immediately left work to get one from Crumbs


A little improvisation when I couldn’t find any weights…


Catch-up time with these girls 🙂


Greek yogurt fro-yo…actually pretty great!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageOkay I lied I have a few words for the end of this post…Happy birthday, Maja! You’re a wonderful mom, the best in the world, and you always look out for me and want what’s best. Thanks for always supporting me and being the passionate, beautiful person you are. I love you so much….have a fabulous day full of cake and dancing!



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