Tea Tasting at Argo Tea: Fit Tip Tuesday


Today I was lucky enough to participate in a tea tasting at my local Argo Tea. Full disclosure—I’m a coffee girl. Every morning, all morning, you will find a mug of coffee at my side. I never thought that tea was something I could justify replacing my precious latte with, especially since the prices are comparable and tea’s caffeine content is much lower. However, this hour-long tasting session completely opened my eyes to all the possibiliTEAs (pardon the pun…Argo is all about the puns!)


When we first sat down we were met by the bubbly, tea-loving manager, Chris. He was more than prepared to convert even the strongest coffee addicts like myself to team tea.


We sampled a few of their different teas plain: green, nilgri black and white tea.  Chris told us the back stories of everything we were trying and really put into perspective just how global their reach is. They get their green tea from China, the black tea from India, and the chocolate croissants from France (it was like I was back in Paris!)


After trying the basic teas, we sampled a few of the signature drinks.  These included:

  • Green Tea Ginger Twist: “Fresh ginger blended with lemon and mild green tea for a mellow and spicy twist of flavor and unique texture”
  • Chocolate Chai: “Assam black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, vanilla and cocoa”
  • White Tea Acai Squeeze (iced): “Brazilian Acai berry, white Tea and lemonade made from real lemon and natural cane sugar”


Each of the creations was pleasant and I could see myself going back for all of them, depending on the occasion. The white tea acai will be perfect when the Chicago summer hits and all I want is something fruity while I tan on the beach. The green tea ginger twist tasted like the perfect concoction for when I feel a cold coming on—it was full of natural ginger and honey flavor and had a profound kick to it. Finally, the chocolate chai. Oh, I could write a sonnet about the chocolate chai. It was like Christmas and Godiva chocolate came  together and were like, you know what? Let’s join forces and make a drink that will send people into a state of perfect bliss. It tasted indulgent but the tea made it a lighter, more heartwarming version of a traditional thick hot chocolate.


Along with the drinks we got to taste some of Argo’s food. First was the chocolate croissant, which paired perfectly with the chocolate chai and helped me meet my sugar quota for the day. Secondly was the chickpea salad. I’m not normally a fan of chickpeas but this tasted just like the bean salad that my grandma made for us as kids—simple, healthy, hearty, delicious.  It was full of chickpeas, carrots, tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers, and parsley, all drizzled with oil and vinegar. I get excited when I think about how many nutrients are in that salad.


Overall it was a great hour spent learning about a beverage that honestly didn’t ever interest me that much.  I’ve always heard that tea is healthy, but I never really realized just how healthy it is!

So WHY should you choose to start including tea in your diet?

According to Dr. Oz, depending on which tea you pick you can boost your metabolism, freshen your breath, fight aging, combat headaches, boost your libido, ward off cancer, get more sleep, etc. etc. etc. Now I know coffee has a lot of health benefits as well, but I’m not sure I’ve heard of anything so natural doing so many wonderful things for your body.

Aside from these benefits, tea has been around for thousands of years, acting as everything from currency to religious offerings to stress relievers and everything in between. It is currently the #1 most consumed beverage in the world besides water and is enjoyed globally.  While you can still get your caffeine fix from many types of tea, it always has less than a cup of coffee, allowing for the perfect combination of attentiveness and relaxation.

Fun facts I learned today:

  • There are 4 major types of tea: green, black, oolong, and white—all come from the same plant (technically there are more but these are the types most often found on the market)
  • White has the least amount of caffeine and black has the most
  • Argo uses only natural ingredients to create the signature drinks
  • All Argo cafes in Chicago are powered by wind power
  • ChariTEA: every season Argo picks one tea and donates 10% of its sales to a nonprofit organization
  • With the right additions, tea can taste goooooooooooood

I’m so happy I had the opportunity to sample these teas and learn all about their different health benefits. Even if you’re not a huge tea drinker now, go to Argo’s website and get inspired by some of their ideas. It’s an easy addition to your life that I think is definitely worth a “Fit Tip Tuesday” mention. And while I’ll never give up my dear friend coffee, I’m definitely going to start adding tea to my day. I think my brain and body will thank me.

PS I wasn’t compensated for this post–it just happened that the tasting coincided with Fit Tip Tuesday–it was fate!


  • Are you a tea drinker?
  • If so, do you add anything to make it more exciting?


  1. I went to Argo Tea for the first time last year and loved it! Like you, I am all about the coffee….so I was definitely surprised when I liked the tea…and when I went back the next day for more 🙂 A tea testing sounds like a blast! Glad you had fun

  2. Now THIS is my kind of thing to do! I am a HUGE tea drinker. I will have a glass or two of coffee throughout the week but I never finish it. However, with tea… I can’t go a day without at least 2-3 cups [decaf].

  3. Awesome post!! I’m so glad you could link up! 🙂 I switch between coffee and tea. I can get really hooked on coffee — up to several cups a day. But, recently I detoxed from coffee (over the holidays) and switched to teas exclusively. I love it! So, I always recommend the combo of coffee and tea (coffee in the AM, tea after 12 and on the weekend), or straight tea!

    Tea has so many amazing benefits, but adding a ton of sugar and honey can really cloud those healthy aspects. Adding a touch of raw sugar, raw honey, or lemon to tea, even adding some almond milk, can sweeten it up without the added chemicals or calories!


  4. Until recently, I really felt like tea was just fragrant hot water. But I’ve started drinking it and actually come to enjoy it – especially on a cold day. I still don’t think there’s much flavor to it, but then again I don’t add honey or sugar.

  5. This looks so awesome!! I love tea, I drink 5-6 cups of it a day! I used to be a coffee addict, but then I started working in a cafe and drank it everyday…my love for it slowly died, haha! There are so many different types of tea to try, it seems like you got to taste a few yummy ones!

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