thanksgiving 2013

clever title, huh?

Well it’s been an interesting week. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year, but it was overshadowed this time by an infection.  Lung infection, to be exact. I’ve barely left bed this week because it’s hard to breathe and painful just to bend. The official name is pleurisy, but my doctor recommended that I treat it like a pneumonia because she’s positive she caught the infection just before it turned into that.

I thought that one week of no activity would cause my active spirit to be screaaaaming in frustration, but to be honest I’ve been fine. My body clearly needs to focus on my lungs right now, not on getting a bikini body. Gotta stay smart when you’re sick. I’m hoping that with antibiotics, inhalers, and rest this will all be cleared up by Monday. Fingers crossed that life goes according to my plan (jinx).

Luckily the pain pills made me loopy enough to still enjoy the turkey day feast. I even left the house once this week for a magical trip to TJs!  Yesterday was a great day filled with cranberry goat cheese, scalloped butternut squash, and mimosas (virgin for me and my friend oxycodone). We also surprised my dad with his 60th birthday present — tickets to the Ohio State vs. Michigan game this weekend! He had no idea and is so thrilled! It was fun to pull of such a huge surprise.  We all ended the day like we always do–passed out on the couch. Success!


ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageHow was your turkey day?


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