markets, cheese, and turtles

I love today because I don’t have work! Wooo! Three day weekends are the best, aren’t they?

I’m heading down to the city soon for a girls weekend but I just had to share some pictures from my town’s last farmers market of the year.  I haven’t been there in a while so it was cool to see how all the goods have transitioned with the seasons.  It really shows you the authenticity and goodness of all the farmers’ products: they bring what they grow that’s in season and will truly taste the best.  

Instead of raspberries and tomatoes we saw a ton of apples, squash, gourds, and pumpkins.  Plus lot’s of “cozy”  foods such as artichoke soup and hot cider. Those things warm my heart 🙂


Breakfast was a two-parter (my favorite because it means more food!)


First was a mango smoothie (oj, greek yogurt, frozen mango chunks) with chia seeds. I loved the way the chia seeds look in a smoothie–plus the added crunch was nice.


Part two was a sweet potato topped with chunky pb and cinnamon

Why did I need so much food, you ask?


This. Workout.

There was a 30 minute time cap for this, but no one got even remotely close to completing ten rounds. It was brutal! I got through 7 complete rounds, and the constant movement meant for one of the sweatiest, most exhausting workouts I’ve done in awhile. ((You know 10 minutes after I got over the whining I had an endorphin high like no other. Thank you, exercise))

Now I’m planning on heating up some leftovers from dinner last night.  It was a mammoth sized quesedilla that I couldn’t dream of finishing, as it was jam-packed with cheese, chicken, black beans, and veggies, not to mention I could use it as an umbrella if I held it above my head (but, really, who is going to turn down that much cheese-filled deliciousness?)


Yeah this is only half. I consumed this while catching up with last night’s Scandal episode (it’s my favorite show of the fall, with Nashville coming in close second)

Now time to get ready–I’m going to a turtle race tonight. Yep, you heard that right. I’m definitely going to bet my money on whichever one is most motivated by food, as I firmly plan on holding a mozzarella stick at the finish line as my turtle’s motivation.

Have a great weekend! And listen to this song if you think for even a second that you want to spend your Friday night wrapped up in cozy pjs, eating ice cream and watching Bridget Jones’ Diary. This song is so catchy! I put it on repeat when cleaning my bathroom the other day and I couldn’t stop dancing.

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