what i ate wednesday

It’s that time again! The best day of the week because it revolves solely around FOOD!


Yesterday’s workout was different because we ran a timed mile run as a part of the workout.  We warmed up with  half a mile on the given route (which was quite hilly, by the way) and then quickly took off for the timed portion.  Being the competitive person that I am I tried to keep up with the guy in the front of the pack the whole time…being the wimpy girl that I actually am I ended up falling back to 3rd in the group but finished with a 7:58 time before getting right into the day’s strength workout.



I knew I wanted eggs. The fact that my muscles were burning meant that breakfast needed to be as much protein as possible.


I made a 2 egg omelet filled with parmesan cheese, spinach, green peppers, onions, and red pepper flakes.  Served with two veggie sausage patties on the side. Sorry for the ugly omelet, I definitely overcooked this one.


Lunch was fun because I got to try a new product!


Annie’s mac n cheese is great because it’s organic, aka you can pronounce all the ingredients on the side of the box AND it’s in the shape of Arthur characters! I literally threw a fit in the grocery aisle when I saw this stuff. I’m still pretending it wasn’t $4 a box…


So so so good. My mom will beg to differ (she said it was tasteless) but I added a tablespoon of butter and it was delicious!  Plus it is full of protein so it filled me up really fast. If you try this, make sure to cook it for the maximum time it says, or even a minute or two longer.  It took longer than the recommended time to cook.


After work I was starving (this is what happens when my lunch is carb city), so I made a really quick meal.  I heated up some breaded eggplant pieces from TJ’s on the stove and served them with tomato sauce and cheese.



Dessert went unpictured but it was a slice of my awesome pumpkin chocolate chip bread and some tootsie rolls.  I’m trying to get rid of the tootsie rolls because my parents’ plan is to give them out on Halloween. I say that’s just a gateway candy…what’s next, necco wafers? PENCILS?!  So in a selfless effort to keep us from becoming “that family” I’ve made it my personal mission to eat them all before October 31st. I’m a doll.

In between jobs I did what most people do: watched 30 Rock and deposited cash in the bank. You know, grown up stuff.



Happy Wednesday! You’re halfway there!


  1. I swear shaped pastas (esp mac n cheese) taste SO MUCH better than regular ones. HAHA! That looks sooo good. Keep an eye out for sales on Annie’s pastas, my local stores always have some! Wayyyy better than $4 a box..woof!

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