october lover

Happy October, everyone! I hope you’re all ready for the best month of the year!


In honor of this month, I’m thinking the following activities are in order:

  • Pumpkin carving/decorating. Thanks to Pinterest, I think I’m going to paint mine this year. I’m thinking a chevron design!Image
  • Run through a forest preserve while the leaves change


  • Scary movie nights…complete with candy corn and peanut binges


  • Visit an apple orchard (don’t be fooled again…apple butter is not good)


  • Homecoming celebration back on campus


  • Picking out the best Halloween costume (last year I went as a “cereal” killer. This foodie title ain’t no joke)


  • Haunted boat tour along the Chicago River or a Gangster City Tour throughout downtown (both seem fun for Fall)


  • Haunted house.  Just kidding. You couldn’t pay me to go in one of those.


What’s YOUR favorite thing to do in October?




  1. I was just thinking about apple butter this morning because I saw it when I went apple picking. Glad to know it isn’t good. Also LOVE the pumpkin! I have been looking for some way to decorate mine! I need to get on Pinterest!

  2. lol love this!! cereal killer- soo cute!!! and omg you couldnt pay me to go in a haunted house- its. not. fun. i am so not a fan. and yay for candy corn and peanuts!! now im in the mood for that. excuse me, i need to run to the store 🙂

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