It’s officially the first Friday of Fall!  Can I just tell you how excited I am?!  Even though the weatherman says it’s supposed to hit 80 on Saturday, I’m still going to enjoy the outdoors and keep my fingers crossed that we’ll get some crisp and chilly weather instead.

I have big plans this weekend: hanging out with friends, watching some flag football, brunch on Sunday, and date night! It makes working hard throughout the week so worth it.  So, to go along with how generally WIRED and HAPPY I am right now, here are some things I currently loving.


I dare you to play this song when you wake up in the morning and not dance alone in your bedroom or hum it in the shower. Pure happiness.

This is the kind of song that stays in my head all day.  I guarantee that I’ll be doing this on the train later today, singing this song in my head:


White girl dancing FTW.



This is easily one of the funniest shows on television. The only show that’s funnier?


Only if you like dirty humor though. This isn’t a show you watch with grandma.



After falling off the sandwich wagon for a week or so I made this delicious creation yesterday. Tuna mixed with TJ’s pesto on Ezekiel whole grain bread (plus veggies).


Please excuse the blur and take in the beauty that is candy corn and peanuts. I suppose this is a bit of a lie because I haven’t actually bought these yet, but they are definitely on my mind today and I think now that fall is officially here, I’ll have to buy them this week. (If you haven’t tried this combo, trust me it’s amazing. Make sure you get really salty peanuts though!)



125 Years of National Geographic

This gallery is a great reminder of how many different places exist around the globe. All filled with so much unique beauty, culture, and experiences.



I swear by these two Neutrogena products. Two because if I use the scrub too many days in a row it dries out my skin and totally defeats the purpose haha.  I had to wait for my prescription at Walmart the other day so of course I bought things I didn’t technically need. We’ll see how this shiny dark green nail polish turns out!


Happy 26th wedding anniversary to my beautiful parents!  How gorgeous are these flowers that my Dad brought home?


Aren’t they just the cutest?


Have a great weekend!


  • Have you ever had candy corn and peanuts?
  • What’s your favorite picture from the National Geographic gallery? I’d have to say mine is either the cowgirl or the Afghan girl. I can see why that cover has won awards!

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