Hey all! Sorry for the absence yesterday but I’ve been feeling a little under the weather so I basically took the day off from existing yesterday (hello, naps all day).

When I get sick my appetite gets all out of whack, which I’m sure happens to a lot of you.  I always crave really simple foods: bread, peanut butter, cereal, crackers, etc. It’s not the best, but I made it work.


So today for my “What I Ate Wednesday”, here are my eats (otherwise known as my “under the weather” eats)


ImageEzekiel whole grain english muffin with pb&j. So simple but it always hits the spot.



La Tortilla Factory whole wheat tortilla stuffed with cheese, black beans, peppers and onions. Enchilada sauce on the side.



Veggie chili served on top of sauteed green beans and onions. Topped with pepperjack cheese , tomatoes, and jalepenos.

That chili was not a great idea for dinner so I only had a small bowl and then dug into my Kashi cereal for something a little simpler to make my stomach happier.  Sometimes it’s better to go with your gut (literally) instead of trying to jam veggies/protein in your diet when your body just isn’t feeling it.


ImageRoasted sweet potato topped with cinnamon, truvia, and natural chunky pb

(the pb looks weird because natural pb is kept in the fridge)

Am I the only person who regularly eats sweet potatoes for snacks or as part of a meal? As long as you think ahead of time (roasting it takes about an hour) it’s a really easy, naturally sweet snack that, topped with peanut butter, keeps me full.  While this was a snack so I wanted to include some protein, I really do love sweet potatoes plain or with just a little cinnamon.  They’re so naturally sweet!

I got to bed early last night in hopes of fighting off this sickness but woke up early to go to bootcamp at 6 am. Surprise, surprise, I got home and I was still sick (and I’m sure the intense workout didn’t help. I’m heading to the doctor now).  Today was a doozy.  Why am I still surprised by this? Bootcamp is ALWAYS a doozy.  But that’s what makes it so fun! It’s always a tough, heart-pounding workout, but no two workouts are ever the same. I love testing my body with each exercise to see how far I can push it.


Boo pullups, boo mountain climbers

Yay jump rope, yay box jumps! 

(I have my exercise preferences, of course)

I thought today I’d leave you with an amazing quote I read the other day.


“….The One You Feed”

Personally I have been struggling lately with a lot of these feelings.  That’s the worst, when part of your brain knows it’s absolutely nonsense to feel jealousy/anger/sadness towards people you love, but you just can’t seem to shake the feeling. I know deep down, however, that I am a positive, bright person and my personality from now on will be shaped based on which side of my brain I “feed”. It’s definitely something I’m working on!

Have a beautiful Wednesday! The leaves are changing in my neighborhood and they’ll be gone before I know it, but I’m really enjoying them this year.


  • Do you eat sweet potatoes on a regular basis? If so, how do you prepare them?
  • Have you heard this quote about “feeding the wolf before”? What do you think?



  1. I’m a huge sweet potato fan! When I have time I bake/roast them otherwise steam/microwave.. almond butter and cinnamon are always my toppings of choice. And I definitely snack on them or even make them into pancakes or add them to oatmeal. Good for you for getting up and hitting bootcamp, even after feeling kinda crappy 🙂

  2. Crossfit and illness do not mix! Hope you feel better soon though – I know it’s so hard to listen to your body saying no, when your head is telling you ‘yes you need to do that workout’!
    I have sweet pots all the time! Love them! I only put them in the oven if it is on anyway, otherwise I do them in the microwave, stab with a fork all over and cook at 2 mins at a time until they are soft. Easy Peasy!

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