a little bit of me, recently

Hey guys! Just checking in with you all on this lovely Friday evening.  As usual I’m going to end the week with some of the things I’ve been loving recently.  Music, food, workouts…whatever stands out from that week.  Have a great weekend!

Recent music: I’ve been loving music all about being BRAVE!

Plus this absolutely beautiful song by Miranda Lambert. A great reminder that this world is made up of ALL kinds of people and it keeps spinning because of that variety…it’s nothing to be scared of or made uncomfortable by. That’s the beauty of the human race!

Recent workouts:

I’ve been having a lot of knee pain lately (which is why runs have been minimal) so I’ve turned to bootcamp workouts instead.  I’m looking to invest in a bootcamp membership next month simply because I love the way they make me feel–powerful, strong, and agile.  There’s a new bootcamp opening up in my town so I think it’d be really fun to be part of something from its beginning.

The other great part about these kinds of workouts?


They can be done in the comfort of your home!

I did a free workout on Hulu that I’ve loved for a few years now–it’s part of the “Rock Hard Body” series and it’s a 40 minute workout called “Body by Jake”. I highly recommend it if you’re having one of those days when you don’t want to drive to the gym.

ImageYou too can get your sweat on and then immediately crawl into bed and continue to watch Netflix.

Recent eats: Oh so many. I’ve been eating like a queen lately.



This little sucker cost me $5 at the airport in Washington D.C. I was stress eating after our plane wouldn’t take off and we all had to get off for them to fix the engine. Terrifying. This was the healthiest choice I could find, and I really do love pistachios!


Since I take such an early train into the city, I’ve occasionallybeen bringing breakfast to-go.  This was oatmeal with bananas, peanut butter, and chia seeds. It was so hearty and filling.


Avocado toast is the bomb.  I know so many people who don’t like avocado, and it kills me because I know that if they just sprinkled some sea salt on it they’d change their minds.  Guys, avocado without sea salt is just paste. Avocado WITH sea salt is bliss. Toast, avocado, sea salt, tomato, and thinly sliced swiss cheese.


Using up all those peaches from the farmer’s market has been a breeze. This snack got heads turning at the office this week, and with good reason.


I love my lemon desserts and this one takes the cake. Very rarely do I say a “health bar” can take the place of an actual dessert, but I’d pick this over a lemon bar any day.


I worked my booty off at the restaurant this week, and just knowing that these tilapia tacos were going to be on special tonight was enough to get me through it all.  Breaded tilapia and remoulade smothered in our jalepeno-mango coleslaw. Gah this was the best thing I ate this week.

Recent reads:



If I told you how long I was saying “kee-noah” instead of “keen-wah” it’d be pretty embarrassing. Although, really, who was going to call me out on that? No one else knows how to say it either!



Brussels sprout love came out of NOWHERE. Who would’ve thought? Olives are still gross though.



Trader Joes IS a shopping experience. Their chocolate selection is insane!

Speaking of chocolate, I think it’s midnight snack time 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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