It’s time for my first official “What I Ate Wednesday”! Since I’ve started reading healthy living blogs, WIAW have been some of my favorite posts.  Now don’t get me wrong, a blog listing every morsel of food eaten throughout the day would definitely get repetitive…but there’s something fun about following another blogger’s food chronicle once a week.  (It’s funny, ask anyone on the street if that sounds like something they’d want to read and they’d vehemently say no…we healthy living bloggers are an unusual bunch).

As most bloggers do, these are my eats from Tuesday.  I hope they inspire you to squeeze as many colors into your meals as possible (and to push social norms as to how much chocolate is acceptable to eat in one sitting).

I woke up bright and early at 4:45 am to fit in a workout before work.  I hate to pat myself on the back, but that’s some dedication right there. I miss Spring when the sun came up at 5am and it made workouts inspiring, not frightening.


This is the face of 4:45am. It’s not pretty, and neither is the cold, black, dark, menacing sky in the background.  Dramatic I know 😉

I went to a much-needed Vinyasa Yoga class.  At first I was getting super annoyed with the moaning and groaning going on (that kind of stuff makes me uncomfortable), but towards the end I realized that’s the point. If you’re going to go to yoga and not take deep breaths and actually release your stress and anxiety, then you’re missing out on the beauty of the practice.

I enjoyed a monster cup of coffee on the couch for a few minutes when I got home.


Mug or soup bowl? You decide.

Breakfast was eaten on the fly.  Luckily I worked from home yesterday, but I still had to be ready to work at 8:30 so my time was limited.


This baby needs no introduction.  The only difference was that I had it on a whole wheat bagel thin instead of an english muffin.  The jury’s still out on which I prefer.  2 eggs, tons of spinach, parmesan cheese, a little raspberry jam and a veggie sausage patty.

My mid-morning snack was two peaches while I worked away.  Yesterday’s work ended up being pretty extensive and I spent close to six hours staring at Excel. Joy.

Luckily I had my fully stocked kitchen to make lunchtime a little more exciting than it has been lately!


Tuna salad sandwich on Ezekiel bread topped with tomato and leafy greens. Side of grapes (multiply that portion a few times haha).

My afternoon snacking was not the best. I was pretty drained from work and I responded by eating FAR too many chocolate covered almonds. I won’t even say how many times you should multiply the portion in the picture to get a real idea of what I ate…let’s just say it was nuts 😉


I usually portion things out.  Handfuls are the worst! I always underestimate how much I’ve had until it’s too late and I’m stuffed with things like chocolate, cereal straight from the box, peanut butter spoons, etc. Such weaknesses.

Luckily all that sugar powered me through a crazy shift at the restaurant. It was dead for close to three hours (aka I got out of my “waitress groove”) and then all of a sudden it was a mad rush.  I was still home at a decent hour with a salad in hand.

ImageVery rarely do I want to make my own dinner after a long shift.  Good thing they have a great selection of healthy food (as well as a killer shrimp po boy and fries mmmmm).  I walked away with a mexican salad: grilled shrimp, jicama, black beans, peppers, avocado, and a mango-lime dressing. It was delicious and decently filling (I had a banana afterwards).

I had a lot of work to do before I actually went to sleep, so I was hungry again just before bed.  I threw together a quick snack to eat in bed while talking on the phone to Zman. Midnight snacks are the best.

ImageTricuits, manchego cheese, and a sliced date. I am a sweet/salty freak.

So much great food in one day, huh? It makes me so happy when I have enough time to fill my day with such thoughtful meals and snacks.  I appreciate it when those days happen!

Question: What was the best thing you ate today?


  1. Oh man I hear you on the mornings being dark now and being frightening! I LOVE fall and I am ready..SO ready..but can’t we figure out how to make fall mornings bright out too? HA! Your blog name is awesome btw.

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