if i die it’s because i ate the expired yogurt in the fridge

so yeah. there’s that.

Today was my first day commuting downtown for work! Exciting, I know, but to be honest the day couldn’t possibly have started out worse.


Minus this sunrise. I came out of a 5 am spin class and it was so breathtaking. The little things…

So my day started off on the wrong foot. I completely underestimated how long it would take me to get ready after the gym in order to make the train. After sprinting in the door, getting ready, and making breakfast (all without pausing for a second), I knew if I didn’t eat my cereal in the car I’d be late.


Kashi vanilla graham topped with peaches and almond milk. I am all about this cereal right now.

Sadly as I was running out the door I dropped the bowl on my foot (ouch). Not only did it shatter, but I was covered in milk. Lovely. No time to change though, otherwise I’d miss the train. So like the champion I am, I powered through, milky hair and all.

Bad luck #2:  I still missed the train. We drove up just as it was pulling away. What a tease. Luckily my dad is a sweetheart and hung out with me in the car until the next train came ten minutes later.

Bad luck #3: Because I didn’t purchase my ticket at the station it was an additional $3–cash that I didn’t have. Luckily the woman behind me practically jumped out of her seat to help pay for my ticket, but it was still mortifying.

Well I eventually made it downtown, ready to start my first official day as a big kid.


The building where I work is awesome! You can tell it’s an old building that has been renovated–it has a cool hipster vibe.





I do solemnly swear to never ever take the elevator. The stairwells are awesome!

I settled into my “desk” (I’ll be moving around the office for awhile) and got the grand tour.  It’s a small company and the building is no different, but that makes it incredibly low-key and comfortable.

Oh, and the best part? READING FOOD BLOGS (just part of the job, folks)



I snacked a lot throughout the day, including this delicious 3-week-expired yogurt.


By the time I was halfway through it I noticed the expiration date. It was slightly chunky to say the least (TMI?) but I’m still here to tell the tale. If I don’t check in tomorrow you’ll know why.

I ended the day meeting up with Megan for happy hour, but not before stopping at Starbucks for some more snacks. PS there is an amazing looking bakery close to my work–I can’t wait to try it out!



Megan and I met up at Moe’s Cantina in the River North neighborhood for drinks after work. It was so nice to hang out just the two of us, spending a few hours catching up and talking about life.


Margarita for her, mojito for me.

Then we walked around a little more, exploring the River North neighborhood (which included stalking the Trump Tower and seeing if Giuliana Rancic or Ashton Kutcher would make an appearance).


So for a day that started pretty much as bad as it gets, ending it with my best friend on a gorgeous day in the city wasn’t a bad deal.

Question: do you eat expired foods, or throw them out the day the date has passed?



  1. I am a chicago native and love it.Glad you enjoyed it. what model shoes do you like the most for running? do you keep all your old running shoes

    1. I run in Asics! I usually get a new pair every year or so, and I do keep the old ones in random places (boyfriend’s apartment, the car, friends’ places, etc.) so I don’t ever have an excuse to not be active. I know it’s not good to run in old shoes but it’s a good trick in a bind!

      1. Which model asics? Its a great trick. What do you do with the old ones once you don’t want them anymore anywhere? Haha

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