scenes from the weekend

Aside from feeling sick on Saturday and pretty much slothing it up all day,  I had an amazing weekend.  My best friend Megan and I went to separate colleges after high school and have tried our best to visit each other at least once a year, but now she’s all moved back to Chicago! It’s so great to have her back. I spent much of the weekend catching up with her.  We’re both in the same boat for the next few months (unpaid internships whadddup) and it’s so nice to have someone who can relate.  Post-college life is definitely strange!

As usual I took plenty of pictures of our shenanigans so without further ado, scenes from my weekend!

ImageCruising down Lake Shore Drive

ImageHomemade cookies for our friends on Friday! Chocolate-Toffee-Chip yumm

ImageMegan and me 🙂


ImageReunited with my college roommate wooo

ImageNever skip breakfast: Starbucks iced coffee with soy, a banana, banana bread Gnu bar


When you forget your socks and have to wear your boyfriend’s….Cute lookImageThis make me wonder how all the residents of Chicago aren’t marathon runners…if I lived here permanently I would never stop running the lakefront path

ImageThought-provoking billboard on my run: LUST, RUST, DUST

ImageBurrito Beach baja chicken tacos…10x better than Chipotle (but I did miss the guac)


ImageTaken while waiting in line to get Garrett’s Popcorn (you know it’s good when there’s a line for popcorn)



As we walked home along the Chicago River there was a family getting off their boat with huge plates of food. As we we passed them they yelled to us to offer us sandwiches!  I’m never one to turn down free food so I grabbed a turkey sandwich and put it in the fridge for later. You guys…the bread was the softest thing I’ve ever held…I wanted to take a nap and have that sandwich be the pillow




It was such a great weekend that even the stop-and-go traffic on my way home didn’t rain on my parade.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and that the weather is as beautiful for you as it is here. I just want to be outside all day! Summer is finally here …better late than never 😉

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  1. Great pics! I think I’d be a runner too if I lived along that path- and I hate running!
    Now I’m looking for a Burrito Beach…Chipotle is my fav and if this place is 10x better, I need to try it asap

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