A day of randomness

So much happened today! Starting, of course, with breakfast.


English muffin topped with chunky peanut butter, chia seeds, flax seeds, cinnamon, and bananas (plus coffee on the side)

It was my Mom’s first day at her new job (Congrats, Maja!)


She’s been getting ready for this day for awhile now so I’m glad she’s finally started!

Then I took a quick trip with my Dad to the Farmer’s Market. Not a lot of pictures because how many weeks in a row can I show you pictures of corn and berries.  But one cute thing I did see…


Haha I loved it.  Side note, I tried my best to get my Dad on board with adopting a kitten while we were there, but alas, he was strongly against it. Something about money blahdiddyblahblah.

I went to the mall afterwards to use some of my Victoria’s Secret coupons and of course got pulled in to a few more sales.


That awkward moment when you’re in Nike shorts and a sports bra and you’re pulled into a 40% Banana Republic sale to try “real people” clothes on. I walked out with a $70 sweater for only $23 so hey, it was worth it.

When I got home I knew I had to get a run in before the afternoon heat so I headed out on a (brutal) 6 mile run. At 5.25 miles my lungs felt like they were going to fly out of my chest so I took a break. Not my best run (by far) and I even ran this 6 mile run a few seconds slower than my 10K this weekend, but hey that happens. I’m still proud that I was able to get this run done.



After I showered I had the most random afternoon. My Grandma used to live with us (5 years ago) and after she passed away we put all of her old clothes in a closet.  We just pulled them out this past week and my Mom asked me to try some of it on.  Turns out Grandma in the 1940s had some killer style. A lot of it was timeless, including this cute checkered blue skirt and forest green jacket.


Free, classy clothes for the win!

Wow what a random day.  It ended, as usual, with a shift at the restaurant. It was a gorgeous night so I spent a lot of time serving people on the patio.  Just as I was about to leave, the head chef announced she had made all the employees a “family dinner”. This is what I love about working in a restaurant.


It was an old family recipe but included brown rice, chicken, a ton of veggies and spices. It tasted like jambalaya without the sausage. So simple and perfect. I asked for the recipe so if I get it, I’ll be sure to pass it along!

Thanks for putting up with my random day! I hope your day was as fun-filled as mine was. Now it’s time to get ready for the weekend–I’m spending the night in the city with my best friend who just moved back, and am going to a wedding on Saturday. Busy busy!


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