Groceries and glutamine

Today was “restock the house after everyone came over and ate all our food” day.

I woke up ready to test out my 10k skills. The race is this weekend so I just wanted to make sure my body was actually capable of running 6.2 miles without getting too tired, asking for skittles at mile 3, or just plain old falling apart.



I was a good runner today and did all the things you’re supposed to do after a run.  I walked, stretched, iced, and foam rolled. Such a drag but it has to be done.

After yet another breakfast sandwich I headed out on a grocery store date with my mom. The grocery store we go to is really creative with their products, so there’s always something cool to see every time we go. Things such as maple bacon donuts.


It was also great to see a store that makes sandwiches on crunchy french baguettes…it reminded me of when I studied abroad in France and ate them almost daily for lunch!


We filled our cart with soo many good things! As you know, grocery shopping excites me like not much else can, so I was on cloud nine.


Highlights were:

  • Luna bars on sale!
  • Chocolate rice cakes (that I plan on topping with pb–thanks for the idea, Snooki’s instagram)
  • Cream soda Zevia (new favorite)
  • Alexis sweet potato fries
  • Sugar snap peas

After shopping I had a little over an hour before I had to be at work so I made some lunch and watched the season 2 finale of Suits–I hate that now I’m caught up! Now I can’t watch them endlessly throughout the night?!  Tragic.



At the store my mom ended up buying a tuna sandwich so I decided to split it with her for lunch. I paired my half with a pink lady apple.

Now I’m home and ready for bed–my body is aching after that run today! I’ve recently heard a lot about taking glutamine in order to help your body recover after a workout. I’m on the fence about adding a new “powder” to my daily routine, but if anyone can convince me, I’m always up for a product that makes my body happy when I push its limits 🙂

Post-work dinner is a chicken and veggie quesadilla the size of a small dog. I just might finish it.

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