Nothing better than long summer days

Today started bright and early at (what I thought would be) the crack of dawn.  Turns out that 6 am in July actually is pretty sunny.  My body didn’t get the message and up until about 2 minutes in my run I felt like a zombie.


I quickly felt the invigorating morning air, though, and have decided that I really have to make an effort to get my runs done in the early hours of the AM.  This is going to take a lot of dedication (aka getting to bed early before 2 am like I’ve been doing lately) and less inclination to hit the snooze. I used to be an early riser, and I know it’s in me, I just have to start the habit again.  That run was too nice!


I love this sign in a store window that I ran past.  Now, I’m all up for drinks with my friends (especially a good mimosa) but I always prioritize my health over that.  The day after drinking I never feel like working out or eating right, so I make sure to balance “going out” with putting in the hard work and dedication to eating right and treating my body well with exercise.  I wanted to walk in the store just to tell the owner how funny and creative that sign was!


Ended my 5 mile run feeling happy with how my 10K training is going. I’m obviously not a speed demon but I’m getting there!  I’m just excited to run the race with my friends.


My boyfriend’s flight landed early so I only had time for a quick breakfast in the car.  PB toast with half a sliced banana.

We drove downtown to drop off his first rent check before he can move in tomorrow.  I don’t think I’ll ever get over the excitement I get when I drive down Michigan Avenue.

ImageNeedless to say, we were home by 10:30 am and exhausted! That’s a LOT to do before 11 am on a Tuesday! Driving that long, especially after a run, hurts my legs so much so I definitely foam rolled and stretched after I got home.

I snacked on some fruit for awhile and then finally got to making a real lunch.


2 veggie corn dogs (Morningstar brand) with carrots.  Don’t knock ’em til you try ’em. These corndogs are deeeelish.

I spent the afternoon shopping for the Fourth of July party that we’re throwing on Thursday. As of now we’re making S’mores bars (via Hungry Runner Girl), crockpot pulled bbq chicken (via How Sweet It Is), spinach dip, and a fruit skewer flag.


It should be a good time!

We ended the day with a family dinner and a night out at our local forest preserve to watch a bluegrass band perform.  We went to see the same band last year, Henhouse Prowlers, and they are so good! It doesn’t hurt that my family loves bluegrass music and these guys are incredibly talented. It was such a fun night to spend with my family and boyfriend!



It was such a great day!

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