Summer showers

Happy “Longest day of the year” to everyone!

It’s sad that the official first day of summer is full of thunderstorms and high winds in the Chicago area but at least it’s finally here! Hopefully the weather will get a little more moderate in the weeks ahead–it’s been nothing but extremes the past few weeks.  I just want to make plans to go to the beach knowing for sure whether or not it’s going to pour! Isn’t that what summer’s all about?

Speaking of summer, in preparation for tank tops and summer dresses I’ve been focusing a lot on upper body workouts.  I came up with a new workout recently that’s the perfect combination of tough but empowering.  It left me sweaty and feeling great.

Upper Body + Core Workout

12 reps each, 3x through

  • Basic curl with 10 lb weights
  • Hammer curl with 10 lb weights
  • C-curl with 10 lb weights
  • Overhead tricep extension with a 15 lb weight

Core — repeat 3x

  • Sit on yoga mat with a 15 lb weight–alternate side to side 50 times total (25 times each side)
  • Forearm plank (1 min)
  • Alternating side planks (10 each side)
  • Static side plank (hold 30 sec each side)



I finished up with a 3 mile run, alternating between sprints (7:30 min mile pace) and power walking. It was a doozy but I felt so great once this was all done!

I came home in need of a serious breakfast.



Protein-filled breakfast: Veggie omelette with a chopped up Morningstar sausage patty and cheddar cheese.  Delicious!

Now I’m waiting to hear if I have to go to work or not…if this rain keeps up, I’ll have the night off!  Enjoy your first day of summer!    


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